Infinite Loop? Light Saber vs. Icey Fastball?

Should I get the Laser or the Grenade Mod for BL TPS?Continuing the discussion from [Infinite Loop? Light Saber vs. Icey Fastball?

snowball is better

Debatable. Snowball is a cryo locked fastball, but a cryo mining laser is hands down THE best railgun in the game. 3 projectiles each with 30% freeze chance and high damage coupled with Hyperion Crit bonus.

i hate railguns; ergo, snowball is better.

Mining Laser.

1: It refers to a classic game/villain
2: Each beam has a high proc chance, the 30-ish % is in reality closer to 90 when all 3 beams hit a single target.

Side note: it bugs me that the title refers it as a light saber. Personal pet peeve.

Me too, I pick the Snowball, and I love it.

The Mining Laser also has penetration.

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So basically it comes down to personal preference. To say snowball is better simply because you don’t like rail guns is silly :crazy_face:.

I think the choice is simple.

CLAP-9000: I made a grenade mod that fires snowballs. It’s fun, Jack. It’s fun for the whole family.

Let’s let sleeping threads lie, eh? This one is all grumpy from getting woken up after a 4 year sleep, and it’s going to be a pain getting it back in its kennel.