Infinite Melee Pushback Spam

Any chance this will get nerfed? First time I saw it was on a PC guy streaming the game. Basically all you do is spam the melee (all characters have one, it’s the B button on XB1), you can knock back players infinitely. Not only annoying but cheap as hell too!

How to fix…Put a CD on the pushback, once every 2 sec or so. To be clear, not a cd on the melee itself, just the pushback mechanic.

While I do think the quick melee + slow can destroy most melee characters (which is why I hate playing them so much), most of them do have a way to deal with this.

Phoebe: True strike Mini dash to get back in
Deande: You need it if you want to counter her uppercut juggle without hoping she will miss
Rath: It’s to deal with his ult because he can jump in with knock up to silence to slow anyway.

The list goes on and on.

If anything, I feel like every slow reducing the attack speed, while a good concept, is the main culprit.

yeah, if you’re good with it, you can keep most melee characters at range, and it’s hilarious/kinda broken. They don’t usually do much damage, but it can almost make you unkillable.

I actually pushed someone off at mid thralls with it once, they were jumping around trying to contest the cap point and I just nudged em right off. It’ll get spammed soon enough I’m sure.

I’m definitely for a cooldown on the push effect.


The issue with adding a cooldown, is that it then causes difficulty to actually kill anyone with it, which is a Lore challenge for Whiskey Foxtrot.

I suggest just giving melee characters extra passive *knockback resistance.

psst, you can just melee squishy minions in campaign, I suggest anywhere with a bunch of primal Thralls :wink:

I’m aware, but adding a cooldown still makes that much harder.

I still say that melee characters should just have more passive knockback resistance from melee attacks.

But that means that I won’t have the ability to use a well-timed melee to create some room and escape from a bad situation, evah. I won’t lie, I don’t like that idea. And, yes, I know I’m out of position once they’re engaging on me, but I still shouldn’t be just completely screwed when most melee characters have several tools of engagement to help them jump on me.

He said a cooldown on the push back not the melee you can still spam melee all day long just not push them ever time

Ah, I see that now. I read that post twice and missed it both times. xD

But 2 seconds sounds like it may be too long in practice. It’s too even a number. Somewhere between 1.2 and 1.8 is probably where it should be.

Just had a Marquis slap my Boldur away 4 times in a row. Yeah, no. This definitely needs changing, or character weight needs to be added to the game. A dwarf named Boldur and a giant (pseudo) demon named Attikus shouldn’t be flippantly smacked around by a thin, little tinman with a fancy cane. Ridiculous and extremely irritating for heavy bruisers.


To be fair, that does sound pretty hilarious :joy:

Oh no, in retrospect, it is really funny, but in the heat of battle, it’s infuriating not being able to pummel that gaugy golden frame into yellow powder because slap slap.

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I feel a cooldown who be better than weight as it would only help large melee character not the small ones also who montana still hit them further back as he is huge as well?
Yeah cooldown would be better.

No cooldown on the knockback is just dumb. Poor Montana was at my team’s mercy when I shield bashed him as Boldur back to our base.

It’s there so you don’t die every time a melee toon gets in your personal space, rath super is a 1-1.5 second kill on 90% of the heroes and the only thing you can do is push him back in hopes you survive.

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I agree. A cooldown would be best.

Agreed. Needs a cool down.

My suggestion on this would be to let the quick melee attacks leave a ‘pushed back recently’ buff on their targets. Make that buff give the mentioned pushback resistance and let it be stackable to a maximum of 3 (30% per stack, equal to 90% pushback resistance at max) and give the buff a 5 sec duration that refreshes with the next stack gained.

It’s complicated, but this way you could still have a potent pushback on your quick melee when needed, while on the other hand dismantling the ‘strategy’ of spamming those attacks via diminishing returns.