Infinite Warfare - And Next Years release

Well, I for one just blanked out the hate from youtube and forums, and yesterday got IW mainly to play the campaign. And i’m glad I did.

I’ve always enjoyed playing story missions, but I would definitely say the last few Call of Duty titles (BO3 and AW) didn’t do much for me. I’ve enjoyed Crysis and Killzone, and would say this has a likeness to them.

So far, after about 17 mission parts, IW is proving to be a pretty awesome game. Graphically it’s pretty amazing, and I know a lot of players are ranting about the space stuff, but it’s actually pretty good. The engine is solid, and after watching the Digital Foundry review it is one of the games that keeps a high frame rate even on the 4K version. I’m playing on a PS4 Pro, but still with my old 1080 TV and it really is slick. Hope to get a new TV soon (father Christmas?)…

I’ve only had a few games in MP, and it’s just very much like BO3, thus can’t comment too much.

Regarding next years CoD. From what I’ve read so far, there is a very good chance it will be a Vietnam based game. Apparently they ditched a version like this a few years ago, and were quoted as putting it on hold. So what with all the public backlash at IW and the futuristic gaming, it’s very much possible that the Vietnam one is coming next.

Lets wait and see :wink:

I really liked the campaign. I enjoyed all the optional side mission, the characters were good and I loved the Mass Effect vibe.

I’d be happy with CoD going back in time, or even modern. I’ve had my fill of the futuristic setting.

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