Infinity gun mass drop

So does anyone know as to exactly how many times it takes farming a mass drop of infinities from doc mercy? I’ve counted so far 80+ tries I’ve done in both psvita and PS3 and still haven’t achieved it.

Mass drop? Never heard of this

1 try and you also get your console banned from online service as an added bonus.
It’s done by using third party programs to modify the game.

I only play single player. So in order to get a mass drop of infinities it would mean that it’s only done if your game is modified?

And only on PC.
There are only a few good youtubers who you can trust.

None of them have over 10,000 subs.

@Blutfatal is possibly being a bit too obscure.

If I’m right this relates back to some rather childish Youtube drama several years ago and shouldn’t be taken as anything else. Third-party software, mediocre humor and salt was involved.
Stay clear of that nonsense, is my advice, and farm your Infinities as the devs intended. There are no legitimate mass drops.

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This isn’t an appropriate place to discuss the use of third party software in this context.