Infinity Gun Please

Hi, I am playing Borderlands 2 on Xbox One and am looking for 2 infinity guns, if you have a infinity gun (2 preferably) I will offer a trade of level 50 legendary weapons for the 2 infinity guns. The infinity guns have to be on of level 29 and another one higher. Thanks very much and have a good day. My IGN is : PetrolSniffo. So please message me on Xbox One if you would like to trade.

do you have 360 can give you 2 lvl 33 for transfer? Non Trade just gift, GT PacDre88

Hi, sorry Xbox one but thanks for the offer

have the same for one but ones offline at the moment youll probably find one by then but I have multiple lvl 50’s

Ok, if you get back online I’ll be happy to have one :smile:

have a 50 shock, corrosive and base also
have a bunch of lvl 33-50 bees if you want them

Yes please, can you do it now?

Got you moved ti the X1 section. Happy looting.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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