Infinity on Athenas - pre balance patch 10/17/2019

I recently acquired an incendiary Infinity pistol from a Jakobs chest farming Mayhem3 in NVHM. I decided to run thru TVHM…made my way to Athenas and captured footage of me using the Infinity. It performed much better than I expected.

I started the vid just before the combat started. if you’re curious what build and loadout I ran with, start it from the beginning. :innocent:

After the 10/17/2019 Balancing they applied via Patch made the Infinity even stronger.

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I have a full set of these, but the damage is so poor and come on, really, 7 rate of fire? what made the infinity so awesome in BL2 was the higher rate of fire. I finally found one that was 9 rate of fire and 360 damage, but none are anointed and the elemental ones are like 265 damage, really bad.

What are stats on that?

This was just before the recent patch. Its now in the 300’s. Don’t remember the actual number. The point is that this thing performed very well imo. Knowing its got a slight increase to the damage is even better.

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Man, i have yet to find any with 9 rate of fire except the non elemental one i have. If you run across any others with 300+ damage and over 9 rate of fire i will trade for them, i have posts up in xbox
trade and have tons of great trade gear

Gt - xCaliburxxx

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All I do is farm…
That being said, I really don’t need anything. I have ton of great gear. The fun in this game is for me to find these Ultra rare items/gear. If I come across a duplicate of this item, I’d happily gift it to you. The numbers you see on that weapon card may have changed, with the balancing patches and updates that are pretty frequent at the moment(not complaining). :innocent:

edit: Take a look at the pic of the infinity. Notice my location on the mini map. I’m not sure if it’s widely known there’s a great Jakobs chest you can open that is located offmap. As you can see. :grin: Jakobs Estate Map, just pass the cave opening to where Hyde spawns. Keep running pass that cave entrance and you should stumble upon that Jakobs chest with a small ammo chest to the right of it.

gbox screw you crossroads, flakker, hex is unusable now.

Kurt - :rofl::joy::rofl:

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