Infinity pistol, reload?

So, I got a infinity pistol recently and I’m being told to reload :joy:. I can’t fire or reload. What’s going on and what do I do?


Sounds like you may be playing Gaige. And if you’re spec’d into Smaller, Lighter, Faster the one in the mag Infinity becomes a zero in the mag Infinity, i.e., yah can’t shoot it.
There are mecromancer COMs that can put that back up to usable, I don’t play her a lot so don’t remember which one it is, but I think it can be obtained in the Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep DLC.


Any neutral Prefix will do. Best is Chaotic Neutral with +6WDT +5MOSS


Yeah, I’m using Gaige. So it’s a character malfunction?

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I’m sorry but idk what that means :scream:

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Skill malfunction would be more accurate (Smaller, Lighter, Faster - which you really have no choice but to take. So perhaps character malfunction is not so wrong after all).

Wires Don’t Talk and Made of Sterner Stuff are two of the skills that the Necromancer class mod (from Tina’s DLC) can boost. The third being Strength of Five Gorillas.

The “neutral” prefix boosts magazine size - enough to overcome S,L,F. “Chaotic” boosts fire rate - which is handy for the Infinity, since it needs all the help it can get.


Oh,ok. Thanks