Infinity pistol troll

I just got an anointed infinity pistol that when reloaded it consumes all terror and turns it into nova damage. Now how exactly do I reload an infinity pistol?


:joy::joy::joy: I’ve thought about silly combos like that but haven’t gotten one yet. Hang it on your wall she’s a beauty!

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Now that’s a horror story!

If you had an ability to stack mag size buffs it would be possible… happened many times in bl2

yeh i got one aswell the other day just hours after reading another post about it, i chuckled and picked it up.

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infinity doesn’t have an ammo count in bl3.

You don’t. It’s infinite. Also, that is hilarious.

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In another thread, someone has a Deathless artifact that says it will make them invincible after going below 50% health, but with only 1 health, it’ll never trigger. The other stats are awesome though! So, I think gearbox needs to adjust what items can get what anointments.


If that anointment worked, that would be the most broken item in the game haha.

Maybe there’ll be a holiday event coming up where the effect eats ammo from your equipped gun to increase splash damage?

Then just build terror and whatever that other buff is… Constant novas