Infinity Pistol

So, I have not played Borderlands 2 in some time, is the Doc Mercy Infinity Pistol drop rate fixed so it is not crazy low, just normal low (in the 3-5% range).


Yeah it should be if you have all the updates

Thanks for the info dude!

good luck, i’ve killed him around 40-50 times in the last two days…no infinity love from the RNG Gods…

I got 3 in about 2hrs… all of them was non elemental tho…!!

Well yeah, although the drop rate is higher, the game tends to be a bitch and give the non elemental versions most. I farmed A LOT to get my elementals. You actually got pretty lucky getting three in two hours. People tell me they get 1 in that time.

Also try the Doc Mercies that spawn in the Digistruct peak. I have got several from them. If memory serves, you get a couple of Doc Mercies around OP5ish

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completely forgot farming the peak for this…thanks!

Also found some pop up in the train chests in the Marcus head hunter dlc.

I got a none elemental one on first try.

Tried him out today. Dropped on 8th kill Ps4.

Man I’ve been trying for a while to get his on the ps4 wish I knew someone with an extra one ha

Ye bizarrrrrrly he has a weird drop rate. Either the first few attempts or xxxx. I tried to get for one the video series i’m doing, and still after using Axton and Maya with app. 5hrs he’s not dropped one. My friend Arno got one 1st hit.

I get one around every 12-15th attempt and they are always non elemental except for one fire and one corrosive one. Also try farming terrsmorphous and use his chests. I’ve gotten a few legendaries including the infinity from him