Infinity with “next 2 mags +40% element dmg”

Anyone ever seen one? Anyone have one up for trade? Always on the lookout for this anointment. Works great for my bottomless mags Moze build.

Never seen but that’s a crazy combo if it worked, as infinity doesn’t use traditional clips you’d always have the annoint.

Exactly! Normally I would say “not possible” but I’ve found non-elemental guns with the +75%status effect chance/dmg anointment so I figure anything’s possible.

What blood type are you?? I will trade a LOT for that if you get it! :sweat_smile::joy:

I honestly don’t remember ever seeing an Infinty with any anointment at all. Maybe they can’t spawn with one. Similar to how the Hellwalker never used to spawn without one.

Ooh, they can have annointments! I have a rad one with consecutive hits bonus…!

i have an extra rakk attack annointed infinity on my wall in Fl4k’s room, so yeah, infinity can be annointed.

Definitely exists, I got a gamma burst one I think.

So the hunt is on! “Next 2 mags” anointment!

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You can’t reload. There is very likely no next mag 50% ase on infinities . You can get pretty much any other annointment though.

This would make sense in theory, but like I said before since I’ve seen status effect/chance on guns that have neither, I’m not willing to rule it out as impossible! :smiley:

However some guns without status effects, lucky 7 for example. Do elemental damage randomly on reload (shock, amp boom shots, and ricochet). These non-elemental weapons do elemental damage occasionally.