Inflammable bee Shield

Been farming for what seems like my whole life for a immflamable Bee shield. Would anyone be willing to part with one? I have a few alkaline and normal bees I can trade with along with a few legendaries. Would be much appreciated!! I am level 62.

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For Krieg you don’t want Inflammable. You want to be on fire.

I’ve found playing with a bee shield is very useful for most raid bosses and certain situations. Being on fire against fire enemies and enemies that resist most elements can be a real pain the ass. The fire bee is for those situations.

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I apologise. For some reason I read it as you wanting an Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk.

You’ll have better luck in the trade/online section for the system you play on. I can move this thread if you let me know.

That would be awesome, thanks man!

So…what platform do you play on?

ID - UnkasKupusovic

Thanks bro

No worries!

I’ve got a Lvl 72 Inflammable the Bee you can have.

PSN dogstar13