Inflammable big boom blaster

Hey folks i’m looking for a lvl 72 inflammable big boom blaster. I’ve got heaps of stuff to trade, a bit to much to be listing, but if you ask i may just have what you need :slight_smile:

Bump. Someone must have one :frowning: il even part with a norfleet for it!

Is there an inflamable one?

Hey, this is from the Wiki…

The Big Boom Blaster can spawn with a Maliwan capacitor granting the wearer resistance to shock, corrosive or incendiary damage, without the Grounded, Alkaline or Inflammable prefixes respectively. It can also spawn with a Torgue capacitor that reduces explosive damage, without the Blast-proof prefix.

@nikki_p_hicks, I’m farming pete for crystals and lvl 72 stuff for a buddy, I’ll keep an eye
out for Maliwan capacitor versions for you, without the prefix how do you work aout what
element resist it has?

It will still display information like a normal shield , so it would say grants immunity to burn damage on it, underneath the stats. They must be really rare, i only know of it from seeing it in a raid kill video here on the forums, a long time back!

I’m not convinced, I think you’re searching for a modded shield. Can’t find any credible info on BBB’s
with the resistance prefixes, found this pic but even that doesn’t have a Blast Proof prefix.

I’ll still keep an eye out for one, who know’s maybe I’m wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. lol

Edit - 15 pete runs and got 6 BBB’s but none with card listing for element resistance.
However, I did get a Hoplite that reduces damage to explosions, maybe they are
out there. Ask Mullder or possibly Scully?

Lol i see what your saying man. I believe it was one of man of low moral fibers videos, and well, we all know how youtubers obtain their gear. Maybe it was modded. Altho i think iv also seen a hoplite drop with explosive resist

Inflammable BBBs do exist. I got one legitimately from Pyro Pete half a year ago and still use it to this day. So keep searching! :slight_smile:

Yeah they do. Found my pic from back in July last year. Posted it in the Item of the Day since I found it strange that it had an immunity but no Inflammable prefix.

Unfortunately TC, I don’t believe I saved it. I’ll double check for ya…But it does exist!

Awesome so im not going completely mad!!

Appologies man, you were right all along! lol

One of the reasons I love this game is the random gear drop that you had no idea existed, it’s
always a WTF! moment.

Happy gaming and if I come accross one of these I’ll chuck it your way!

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Sweet man much appreciated! I agree with you on that one for sue. Also love how apparently rubbish gear can turn out to quite…_Ever tried using a bunny with krieg? I recommend it lol