Info about like follow obey heads

Regarding the heads on tks twitter the heads are being given out at certain events as for people who cannot attend they will likely be given out at the back end of the year likely after the final dlc has dropped (dlc 4) so when the game has quietened down also after speaking to a friend who knows some info the codes seem to be different so leaks are kept to a minimum this topic is only to make people aware the heads are coming

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thank you.

My pleasure

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So is there no way to get the heads early because of the state of quarantine and every one having to stay home and such instead of waiting a year?

Streamers had codes to give away to promote their streams. I’m not sure if that’s currently still the case or not - I don’t follow any streamers. GBX have said that at some point the heads and skins will be generally available, but they have not given details on that yet. Maybe once all the season pass content has been released?

Bring me their HEADS


The streamers have given all their codes away already. Currently there’s no way to get them without a thing I can’t discuss here.

I imagine they’ll be released to the general public soon. Kinda surprised they haven’t been already.


When they first came out, I think the word was ‘after a year’? I’m sure they’ll crop up sooner or later. IMO the one-year anniversary would be as good a time as any.

An anniversary reward like this would be great. I actually snagged myself a code from one of the streamers luckily.

Makes me wonder what else they might have up their sleeves for the actual anniversary. Aside from the DLC of course.

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Lucky duck, I’m more than a little jelly lol