[Informal Build] Cold Chaos

This is the message I sent to my friend last night after being excited about my Aurelia build, felt like sharing. Big thanks to @Derch for some of the ideas, and also just his Full Tree Videos.

Presented as written at midnight;

So. Hope you like my rambling, because I’m hella excited and a little tipsy because this build tore up P4ND0R4 and Hub of Heroism.

So. COM is celestial baroness. It’s just so goood. Ammo regen? Check. Cryo chance buff? Check. Crit buff? (I…think so?)

It boosts Duchess and Quality over Quantity, which means I’m spending 3 points for some useless skills unless we’re in co-op. But, a boosted 7 in Duchess means every kill just makes me/us better.
It boosts the two first Cryo tree skills, and the Accelerate/Vel0city style skill and the Crit/Accuracy skill?

Anyways, so, my points go into making my Shard more Crowd Controlly, and getting to the Adds Cryo Damage To All Weapons cappy skill. There’s some neat stuff on the way up, including an ice dart that goes and freezes anyone who shoots me while my shield is full.

Then, I fill up Warning shot. So this means if I fire a Sniper and it doesn’t hit anything, I get an 8 second bonus to Critical hit, accuracy, swap speed, and fire rate (This gets REAL important when I tell you my Gun2. Hahaha hahaha. You’re gonna die. It’s amazing). I take no points in I Never Miss (CritAss For Bougie Bitches) or Wait For It (Warning Shot for Gaige). Because a Skullsmasher dumps INM stacks, and Wait For It isn’t worth my points.

I take Large Caliber. I trade mag size for damage buffs. Points in Silver lining and Magic bullet so on critical hits I get a bullet into my mag and give health to nearby teammates.

Custom Loads cappy. This makes it so I can use a Skullsmasher and still have an edge against most enemies. I mostly aim for Cryo or Explosive to make things more blow up, but when a big Dahl power armor shows up, a full clip of Corrosive Skullsmasher can ruin it’s day.

Now. You know me well enough to know I dislike using multiples of the same ammo type. (Four ShotGuns Of The Apocalypse Gaige aside. That’s fun and cha0tic.) So. My Sniper of choice is the Skullsmasher. Being a Jakobs no elemental, it’s got a high base damage and crit bonus to make the added damage bonuses from the Cap skills ridiculous. I tried the Omni Cannon, and it just didn’t feel good. Idk why. Might revisit.

I’m keeping gun2 a secret til the end.

So gun three is a Glitch Ravager shot gun. It’ll almost never go to glitch mode the way I’m using it, but it’s a solid choice for weird frozen bodies that need to die yesterday. I had a froze badass on the ground and I just dumped a shot into him from this digital disaster and he was the opposite of cremated.

Gun 4? Laser Disker. It’s just nifty. It makes a big mess and is a good choice for second winds and when there’s a large bit of hell in front of me and I need to make use of an exploding laser!

For an Oz Kit, I’m using the Systems Purge for more enemy bumping, and a moonlight saga in space.

Shield is an asteroid belt. An explosive projectile that might go and hit an enemy I just made freeze? Yes please.

So gun two.

The mother humping Boxxy. So. This little bitch does some cray cray ish. So, she blows up in your face if you chuck her while she’s loaded, but when you fire her, she shoots bullets that do both Close Enough and Chain Reaction/Nth Degree. It’s like if Gaige got a tediore contract.

So, keep in mind that alllllllll my shots do bonus cryo. I start a battle from a distance, try to snipe the best I can, but then things get close. So I fire off a sniper bullet into the ground. Warning shot triggers so I now have 8 seconds of fire rate, swap rate, crit damage, and…there’s something else there…Accuracy!! Anyways, so with those, I switch to boxxy. Ma gurl tears through shields, bounces around enemies, freezing some, and then I throw reload empty, and the explosion does bonus to frozen enemies, and I keep going.

I’m so proud of this.


Happy to see some Aurelia love! The boxy gun is underrated too although it should definitely have been in the same game as Gaige

Re the Omni-Cannon, it’s a bit of let-down on Aurelia. I believe if you compare a perfect Omni-Cannon to a perfect Muckamuck, it’s lower in every single listed stat. The gun does have its two special effects – increased initial accuracy and explosive splash damage – but Aurelia adds similar features to any sniper. You get absolutely stupid amounts of accuracy from Duchess, and you can do any elemental splash with custom loads. There’s not a lot of reason to use that particular gun over a sniper with better damage or cryo element

I feel like you might enjoy the Slap Everything in the Face style of build. The capstone does have more mileage in coop but it’s still fun one-hitting trash mobs with a slap. Missed opportunity to give Aurelia a cryo version of backdraft though…

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Part of why I did this was because I made a sniper Gaige and that made me want to play a real sniper. I missed headshots so much. Lol. But the Boxxy is basically a Gaige in a box, so my chaotic playstyle is happy to have her in this game. She’s quickly become a staple in all my TPS builds.

Yeah, the Omni Cannon just didn’t have the splash to warrant it being an extra screen clutter. (This game is about the screen clutter. You’ll never find me complaining there. But I will judge something on whether it’s bonus particles are worth it). It sounds cool on paper, but like the cobra, it just doesn’t do enough. I even did Cryo Omni Cannon custom loads. It didn’t do what I needed.

Oh, I’m gonna have to read that after work!