Information about StarterPacks and ingame goods

Hello, im was wondering if the Deluxe Edition is still purchaseable or not!? Otherwise when not, pls explain what i get from the starter edition + season pass… how much does its cost for me in germany. Im willing to pay a certain amount to support u for this game u developed but im not a player that buys the cat in a box… first things first i get all champs + the operations + Story. what i get from this by playing it? items skins taunts? how much? is this repeatable? im not sure if is this is worth it to pay 60-70 euros. more information would be nice…

I don’t know if the deluxe is here still, but it just comes with a few extra skins and taunts+ the season pass. The normal game (Not deluxe version) itself comes with the original 25 battle-born and the campaign. The season pass unlocks the DLC battleborn saving you the trouble of unlocking them. ( Pendles Beatrix Ernest Alani Kid Ultra.)
It also unlocks Operations, you can unlock more taunts and special skins by playing these. They are repeatable i still play them and find them very fun.

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I doubt, even if you tried, that you would find any version of the game retailing anywhere in Deutschland for as much as euro 60 - 70 (about the same amount in $) nowadays.

Anywho, here’s the research spot for you:

Okay the deluxe editions is out of order. only skins and taunt? no loot packs after completing games or as reward for operations? no item boss drops to get more spezific in champ creation. in f2p i still get loot crates after 5 rang lvls and some for teh battleborn rank is that all?