Information missing from item card

I’ve noticed since the update there is some info missing on some grenade mods.
image missing DOT

image missing red text

Anyone else find things that are not quite right?

Have you only noticed it on purple Maliwan grenades?

Just Maliwan so far

Well that’s awkward for Gearbox. So much for a final update making their game perfect before moving on…

This Bandit nade looks like it’s missing something too

And another Maliwan

Have you submitted a ticket for Gearbox’s attention yet?

I’m not even sure how to select your platform and then when it takes you to the correct page there’ll be a link

Couldn’t find it. I don’t have a computer just my phone so some things don’t show up.

Same thing here! It seems to affect Transfusion and MIRV grenades. It should also be noted that my Bonus Packages and Meteor Showers don’t display their red text either.

I wonder if it is 7th gen only. I keep finding transfusion grenades, they are not affected, and neither is the BP on my low level character. Playing on PS4.

I noticed on ps4 that the Lyuda snipers have a longer name now, Lyudmila er something like that…not really a big deal just thought it was strange to change it.

It has a different name on Xbox. On Xbox it’s called White Death. Both “White Death” and “Lyuda” are references to real life legendary snipers and Lyudmila is the full name of the sniper that inspired the Lyuda name. They probably wanted to make the reference clearer. I wonder if they changed the White Death on Xbox to display that sniper’s real name as well. I also wonder if it was intentional or just another bug that caused the name to revert to a previous version.

Here’s the real life Lyuda:

And here’s the real life White Death:äyhä

I didn’t even notice.

That’s actually a nice touch


Just checked it on Xbox. It’s still just the White Death there.

Yeah. I actually like the small name change to the Lyuda.

Funnily enough, I noticed this last night and came here to find out if anyone was seeing the same thing. Don’t have a screen shot, but I had an explosive Kiss of Death in my inventory with the same issue. This is on 360.