Information regarding my favourite gun [semi spoilers, not story related]

Tried to avoid any spoilers in the title so if you read past here, you’re on your own.

Anyway with all the negativity on BL3 so far, some of it personal opinion - I wanted to focus on something I love

The Handsome Jackhammer SMG.

I’d love to know what all his lines are as it can be a bit difficult to hear sometimes - even if you have all other sound off and only dialogue on. So let’s get posting some that we find and I’ll try and build them all up here for people to see!

Also, since I’m talking about it, I’d love to try and make a build around the gun itself. I’d dare say Hyperion only - I did that on 2 with Maya - but that might be a bit too tough. Right now I’ve been testing builds with Zane for it as he’s my favourite character but would love to hear to hear opinions about it.

So far I have Cryo, Corrosion, Incendiary and Normal all lvl 50, no anointed ones which might me really hard to get given it’s a world drop.

“I don’t know who started it but i’m ending it!”

“The end is here and it is handsome!”

“Aasss-hoooooole!” sung

“Where you going after this? I don’t know about you but I could MURDER some sushi!”

“I kill everybody!”

“Man I’m even a hot piece of ass as a gun! I mean look at these (pebbles?). Damn!”

“You’ve got good taste in weaponry, kiddo, I’ll give ya that!”

“That’s one less idiot in the world!”

“You know I heard a guy say he hates your favourite band? Are you just gonna take that? The nerve! What you wanna just shove me into his chest and pull the trigger until he’s (?), do ya? Could be fun!”

“You know I could just self destruct and kill us both at any time,right? Wha-? Is he kidding?Uh…uh-Naaah you’re fine, you’re fine - just get with the killing soon, huh?”

“This is great! We make a great pair. Which is to say I’m great - you look great holding me-it’s whatever, this is really great.”

“Y-ello, it’s me…your gun. Super bored…kill something.”

“Hey - what do you say we find a Hyperion constructor and get me outta this gun? Huh? I-I’ll give you…dammit, I don’t have my wallet on me-okay let’s stick to the gun and we’ll put a (pin on that?).”

“I’m having a murder party and you are all super invited!”

(Will add more when I find more)


I remember a trash talking gun like this in TPs, where’s the best place to find this one?

I got mine before the patch but it’s a random world drop. So literally anywhere. Loot midgets, Traunt and Graveward I’d say are your best bet.

I’ll have to ask my friend but he did one of the Torgue circle of slaughters where a whole bunch of annointeds came out. After the 5 rounds, lots of firestorms and crazy Amara and Moze explosions, we counted 28 legendaries on the battlefield on Mayhem 3. It took…barely 5 minutes to complete?

It gave a load of exp too but it’s very hard. His friend was using a certain build but I never found out what…if you feel strong enough, that might be a great place to go to farm for one.

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Best line from the gun is “Hey, what say we go find a constructor bot and get me outta this gun? I’ll give you…somethin’”

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How could I forget that one! Adding it now!

You could get it from Handsome Jackie, the Assassination Target on skywell-27

It’s not guaranteed. Her legendary is Nimble Jack. I remember farming her for a few hours and getting so many of them…they were inadequate ;-;