Information Request: Splash Damage - Special Multipliers

Much of my free time spent playing video games is not spent testing (or even on TPS at the moment). I have precious little at the moment, so I hope you can understand. I do spend a good amount on the forums updating various projects here and elsewhere.

Anyway, in preparation for a Splash Damage guide, I need some information from people who have actually tested the specific Vault Hunter’s damage formulae:

  • What are the specific Special Multipliers for your Vault Hunter?
  • For each one, does it apply to Splash and/or Radius Damage?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Pleas be certain. I won’t require hard evidence of people I have a reasonable amount of trust in, but please don’t take it personally if I do ask for verification or at least a second opinion. I apologize if this seems haughty, but among a small number of things I actively dislike, it’s being responsible for the dissemination of false information. If I make a mistake, I’ll admit it, but please save us all time by providing information that won’t later turn out to be incorrect.

Thanks again.

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And tag anybody else you think knows this stuff.

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@Sljm Just a few questions. Is there a specific method that you want us to use for testing purposes so that we are all consistent e.g., target, weapon type, etc.? I’m sorry if this is basic information but I haven’t done any target testing in this game so I need to know what everyone else is doing. Any weapons you recommend to easily test Radius Damage?

I can start with Athena since she is my main squeeze.

I’m sure you already know everything about OLT from Claptrap. It boosts ALL weapons on next to last (guns with splash) and last shot (radius = pure splash - if that’s what you’ve meant??). On that last shot it boosts rocket launchers and grenadiers. I’m not playing TPS all that much, but if you need help with testing some stuff, let me know.

blut perhaps…but I don’t see him around much lately

Loot Turtle hung out a bit but seems gone as well

Whatever you can easily hit and pause to see the number.

Keep in mind that while bosses have lots of health, they also tend to have damage reduction.