Infusion and Element investigation

Hi All,

As any Amara player will know… Infusion is… controversial…
Further the whole damage thing is a bit mysterious…

But since I discovered yesterday how to test weapon easily! :smiley:

I decided to run a bunch of test.
Bear in mind there was a game patch like 12 hours ago… so I dunno for sure how it was before.
All my test were done in normal mode (i.e. NOT TVHM) and Mayhem 3

I tested with those 2 guns below, the Monocle has no elemental affix and the Lyuda has 11% of shock 711

I reset my skills to nothing and I just shot a Monowheel with no skill and augment at all.
Then spec 5 point infusion (40%) and tried both fire and lightning

Test snapshot

One mistake I made, testing in Mayhem 3… there is additional modifier (in that case -35% to all guns, might explain some strange numbers)

First finding I realised from my test (yeah, I am a bit slow):

  • elemental weapons do their whole damage as elemental (indicated in the damage cell), the bonus elemental damage is the bonus Melt/Electrocute/Ignite damage inflicted. But the whole damage is elemental regardless.
    Proof below, my Lyuda does only blue damage, not white and blue!

Remark the DoT is NOT reported, because I don’t know what’s the infusion dot chance or dot damage…
But the DoT is way higher than weapon damage. I counted (possible +/-1 error) 14 dot ticks each doing 40, when the base shock damage was 219. Which would be 560 dot vs 219 base.

Anyway here are the number collected (without DoT, base damage)

  • Monocle: 1183 base damage, -38% damage modifier
    ** no infusion: 675 kinetic
    ** 40% fire infusion: 405 kinetic + 169 fire
    ** 40% shock infusion: 405 kinetic + 219 shock
  • Lyuda: 846 base shock damage
    ** no infusion: 389 shock
    ** 40% fire infusion: 234 shock + 120 fire
    ** 40% shock infusion: 389 shock

So what is apparent here, I dunno about before, but infusion cause no loss of damage, just transformation. Having multiple element on one gun is fine. Further it will trigger multiple DoT (not sure what’s he DoT again but I think it will only benefit, i.e. increase)

Morale of the story… Don’t worry about overthinking it, pretty sure Infusion work like advertised without any “hidden penalty”. Except, of course, the armor/shield/flesh modifier is applied to the damage after conversion.

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Thanks for the testing.

I’m just not sure this skill has much use. If it was bonus damage that would be one thing. But if I’m shooting a flesh enemy I’ll want my fire gun to do the full damage in fire, not some shock, etc.


Well I have a fun build which fire 3 element damage at once using it! :smiley:
Wanted to know I was not gimping myself!

In fact, come to think of it, 1 element is enough to get bonuses, and just swap gun as needed… mm…

Let me speculate that, the more element fire at once per bullet (like 3 in my fun build), the more overall DoT.
Mmmm… maybe I should check that…

Just did another test to see if infusion increase my DoT!

I used the Sellout

1 shot without any skill/augment/infusion, I got 36 DoT per tick

Now let infuse 40% fire, I got ~22 original DoT (~60%) and 4 fire DoT per tick

So infusion didn’t added any DoT, it just changed the element again.

In conclusion, using infusion, let you do multiple elemental attack at once, but damage is shared and suffered a possible conversion penalty (the infused element multiplier vs health color). Same for DoT, no new DoT, just converted

I guess, to summarise, if you got a favorite elemental weapon of each element, then infusion doesnt help much.
But if your main weapon is kinetic, then infusion is handy to add extra elemental goodness! :slight_smile:

Btw my triple elemental attack! :smiley:

I use this gun, infuse fire, cast action skill

And the result from 1 shot, voila! :smiley: