Infusion Converts Less Damage than Stated

I’m trying to get some info on how Infusion is supposed to work. From what I can see, it does not provide the full bonus, but you still take the loss in damage.

I’m seeing a decrease of about 8% but only 5% coming back in the form of my action skill element. It seems to be the case no matter what type of weapon I’m using. The only outliers are, shock weapons have no change (which I would expect), and straight melee gains no bonus nor loses anything.

But normal bullets, fire, etc. all show an 8% decrease in damage, but only a little over 5% shock, meaning you lose about 4-5% damage rank in Infusion.

There’s a thread that gives lots of info about this. Impressed you figured out some maths independently!

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Thank you, that link is very helpful. I wonder if the drop in converted damage is due to how the Jack target is setup. I was using the default shock, so if the target is set to flesh (or something non-shield), then that could account for the difference.

I could do some tests to see what it take damage as. But for Infusion, it seems that more than 1 point, for elemental procs, isn’t worth it. Even then, unless you only use non-elemental weapons, probably not worth it either.

Infusion doesn’t reduce overall gun damage, losses should be only because of element mismatches. The Jack target is flesh, so using shock or corrosive means on Mayhem/TVHM: 40% × 0.65 = 26%. Or 8% × 0.65 = 5.2%.

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It’s just quick maths.

Correct, apologizes, I should have been more specific, it was the element mismatch.

For my testing purposes, it resulted in a decrease I wasn’t understanding. After some research (thank you @CDR_Shepard ), I was able to understand why. I had thought the Jack dummy was neutral to everything.