Infusion Testing

I’ve been hearing different things on infusion so I spawned a car and shot it.

Some things I saw

  • Infusion with matching elements does not lower your damage, it stayed the same.
  • Infusion with elemental guns and using it to change elements for the most part will not be as good as swapping to match elements
  • Infusion with non elemental guns is very strong and will usually increase your damage, and when it goes down it is not by much.

From playing with it some things I have learned

  • Infusion with Non Elemental guns can really over come mayhem modifiers because if NE damage is lowered elemental is usually also increased balancing our your damage.
  • In most maps even though enemies have shields, fire can add more damage than shock depending on your load out, even though on paper that seems wrong.

Thank you for testing this. I’ve been hearing so many different things about Infusion and now there is a video I can redirect people to.

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I tried to keep it simple and clear, hopefully it is.

If not anyone please let me know because I will do more testing on other things

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Yeah, It was pretty clear and simple idd. Great video. Only sad thing is you had to use a car to test stuff on haha.

This is the reason I subbed to you many years ago, for videos like this. Appreciate the effort.

Also been testing this sheriff build out a bit (thnx to joltz and you) and it’s pretty damn awesome. Kuddo’s!

Also, do you think there are other skills that are misunderstood or plain out not working correctly for Amara? I’ve seen stuff floating around about skills being bugged (not Zane lvl bugged), but I highly doubt it tbh, Amara seems pretty good in that departement.

turns out most that reddit thread was wrong, suprise…

This is why I posted a video with mine, don’t take my word, see it.

There are weird interactions but I don’t know about not working. I’m still learning here.

I’ve heard Samsara is odd and some things proc it and others do not, like I guess phasegrasp does but ties that bind does not, I’m not totally sure.

Also she has a lot of things that are action skill damage that don’t seem to be consistent with action skill dependent things.

But that is all really hard to test.

I believe the bug with infusion has to do with when you put a DoT on an enemy. In your video, when you shoot the car, without having points in infusion, you leave a corrosive DoT dealing about ~260 damage. Then, once you put points into infusion and shoot the technical with that corrosive weapon again, the DoT has been converted to incendiary damage and is only hitting for 40, which is significantly lower than what the original DoT dealt


I like 2 points in infusion normally with shock action skill damage. With shock damage bonus from skills and 250% bonus shock vs shields, it makes every gun I have melt shields fairly quickly. But at the same time, it’s not enough infusion to take away much from the main gun damage. It also lets me DoT myself with both fire and shock or corrosive and shock with my low level gun slut reward to use with elemental projector relic (can’t remember the name of the gun.)

INCREDIBLE video mate thank you so very much. I had no idea thats how infusion worked. I always jumped to the wrong conclusion based on the provided tooltip. Now THIS really opens up my options with Amara…loving it (Tyreen voice) ^^

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at work, can’t watch video. Did you test it with sustainment?

Also IMO, infusion is good for leveling up, but once you hit 50 and start going into mayhem modes, there is little to no benefit from it and those points are better spent elsewhere, especially if you are going with ties that bind.

No this was just infusion

But in mayhem infusion can be one of the single best skills in the game to negate mayhem

Thanks for your testing! But the problem with infusion is the dot! The weapon elemental dot gets overriden by the infusion dot if you use the same element. As a result, you do less damage.

Mainly referring to once you have fleshed out your load out. Like against an armored enemy, a corrosive binary cutsman is gonna gain nothing from infusion and still be your best damage dealer regardless of modifiers.

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For example in my build using NE jakobs guns, when I get the modifier that is -70% be damage but +70% elemental damage, well because Infusion balances that out.

There are so many bad modifiers that I ran into and was tempted to reset but when I ran it, the build felt normal.

So infusion does play a big role but just not with everything.

Will Siren skills Wildfire and Conflux even work with Infusion seeing as you mainly fire kinetic weapons cuz those two skills are the ones I really like.

I also say in the video if you are matching elements you are most likely better off without it.

So its not for every set up but in the right set up its very powerful.

So the more points into it the better for non-elemental?

oh yeah, in those situations for sure. Guess I should add the caveats of going deep in the elemental tree with a good loadout.

If you are going deep into the elemental tree and have a good collection of various elemental weapons, skip it.

NE you want to max it

That’s my understanding of the skill. Makes every weapon have your action skill element. Great if you want multiple elements or are using a non-elemental weapon.

The question is my mind is there a radiation or cryo build that would be good using it…

There could be potential there

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