Inhabiting the taint', dinks in the wire or just bats in the P. bellfry

Is it OK to drop loot on good souls, feeling it’s incumbent on me, because some benevolent entity did so to me. or I I’m risking destabilizing the game by handing out hundreds of once ( large drops to me ).

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I say share freely!

Well that’s in keeping with what I had hoped 4. Glad I haven’t been making the wrong choice on that. I enjoy lvling people and fitting them out if I can can. My mediocrity having time in the sun… perhaps ? I think my “it’s incumbent on the recipient to pay it forward” is something I can get behind. Your ans. gives confidence this is healthy to the game…Thanky

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What’s are “pcs” (you handing out personal computers)? For that matter, what’s a “taint”? Your language is a bit hard to follow. Dropping “hundreds” of anything would just crash the game on PS3. But, yes – sometimes I’ll carry around some duplicate of a good item to drop in lobbies that have been particularly good.

One more, ( may not be acceptable, if so ignore ) I no longer keep a friends list, ( to many tentacles ) I ask they remember the tag if they need. I ended up w/ a gazillion checkpoint vampires ( park on ck point, go watch TV ), and players who never played half the game at all (op 8 who never seen the complex in caustic caverns, or anything else down there ) My own fault this happened, I didn’t realize. Eventually had to do a mass friend remove w/ assurance it’s not personal and across the board. This is only 1 example and I don’t want to make an albatross of a text.
I found (so far I’m ) I’m doing pretty good w/ meeting and having repeat good players show up, some of the best I’ve seen actually ( better than me anyway). But I have a feeling there will be a downside to this approach.
This does not reflect on Gear at all, and is rather ( in part ) a response to XB live’s ( unquantifiable ) rating system. I used to tell folk I’ll leave u on my friends list in case sumtin goes wrong, but please don’ use unless u have to. seemed good on papyrus but eh…said enough, would like feedback very much, sorry 4 using this forum in this ( unpleasant ) way .

Just guns .mods oz kits and shields etc. I use infinite backpack and have no prob w/ dropping large. By destabilize, I mean put to many items out and devalue them through over saturation ? I have no experience or understanding of game development and don’t want to horsy sumtin up.
Taint :, ( wink): the area between ur *(()Y and ur *&^ or so I’m told.
Also thought to be a “corn chip” by some (adult swim)
But Jack means the former when he says “son of a taint”

OK, so now you are getting into the realm of things not to be discussed in the forum (infinite backback hack, dupping via drop and quit), which may get this thread locked. But, as I mentioned, yeah, I’ll drop extra copies of one or two things once in a while, if I have them and the lobby’s been good.

Cool, and thx 4 the heads up, thought that may be the case, I agree with them …this was the upshot of my quest in the 1st place and I agree w/ the games position.

Trying to get my bearings not cause problems. Need info, but don’t want rock the cart…not e.z. sometimes…Flying IND dark not safe either.
thank you.

Discussing is not a problem for me – crazy amount of this stuff (gibbed, dupping, etc.) happening out in the real world of BL gameplay, seems like head in the sand not to mention it. But, I try to keep respectable (& safe), stick to most of the rules, and not mention the unmentionable!

edit: also find that many people who come into my lobby with gibbed stuff (e.g., 3 million badass points) don’t play that well or don’t even want to play, just want to unload unwanted stuff.

All u say is on the spot far as I can see, and I will adjust myself accordingly, very glad to hear from a player with exp. w/ in these concerns. The grace in ur response shows you’ve worked this out w/ ur self ( or I suspect u have ), Thank you.

To many copies no good eh… or inadvisable 4 game’s health ???. If sub. bad I apologize and withdraw (day late, a rupee short).

@skid Mass drops can improve the gameplay experience for some players by offering an immediate gear upgrade but also keep in mind that a part of the experience of Borderlands is finding that rare drop or legitimately farming gears for your character. I don’t think you’re going to find these types of players that often in public games but it’s still important to keep in mind. Mass drops also trivialize the attempts by the developers to maintain rarity status in the game. They fixed the non-trade duping method for a reason but there is no solution for a player dropping everything they have and dashboarding. Players just end up with perfect everything with no effort. I don’t think that’s really in the spirit of Borderlands, but that’s just my opinion. I think when it comes to gear, both parties need to have some skin in the game. It adds value to the work you put in to get valuable gear when that other player can trade you something that RNG hasn’t blessed you with.

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“dinks in the wire!”

Been a long time since I heard that one…thank the good Lord!

Apparently weed improves many otherwise mundane things, seems it’s true for posting on gearbox forums too, at least for @skid (no offense) :smiley:

Fortunate I haven’t done this a lot , and only for the most deserving and apparently honest ( not that I’m comfortable as judge ), Saving grace is they usually could only pick up a few choice items they really wanted as space is at a premium for the vast majority, it seems. I would have like a more liberal reality on this, but I’ve suspected it could be a problem and reigned it in out of subsequent insecurity about the effect on the game’s health. Nice helpful post fella

The war movie ( Vietnam )where the commander says " I have Dinks in the wire, I repeat Dinks in the wire, bring everything down on my perimeter, I take full responsibility" …afore yaz go there, I love all things Asian ( Look i capped the D.)

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Can’t smoke the stuff at all, make me…oh…think to friggin much, but you…get a batch it’[s pretty much legal, might help with that


Gotta say to all…this has been great, learned more in several days concerning this issues than in the last few months. And to extend a heart felt thanky to all who helped me. I feel good even about the behavior and technique I’ll have to modify.
After all, I suspected as much and perhaps and should have known better.
Your man in havana


Does it make me a bad owrson that I will gladly accept and share any non hacked gear that people decide they want to give me?

I am an item hoarder, always have been, right back to my early childhood SNES RPG days (the Golden Era of RPGs!).

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