Inherent perks of each Vault Hunter

I’ve previously read that Moze has the slowest movement speed and an inherent boost to the incendiary element. Is this true? If so, cool! Does anybody know the inherent perks and pitfalls of the other VHs?

Honestly that’s not cool because that speed makes Moze more vulnerable than the other VHs. Also she has inherently the slowest action skill animation.

I honestly don’t know if it’s true. It’s something I heard and I was interested in exploring the topic.

If you search the Moze forums, most of the complaints are on the IB animation, slow movement speed, and survivability (compare to other VH). I still like her even with these negatives but I am hoping the next major patch would bring some improvements. Anyway I dont want this thread to be another Moze rant lol

Moze - Incendiary damage, Panic Button
Zane - Cryo damage, Speed
Fl4k - Radiation damage, Pets
Amara - Literally everything

When you say inherent bonuses do you mean that you’ve heard they have these as base bonuses without skills?
Never heard of that but it would be nifty.

i dont think this is true, in bl2 the only VH with something like this was Kreig, having his melee scale more and being heavier to withstand knock back and TPS had claptrap take less damage from fire but more from corrosive.

i think if this was true amara would have more melee but she doesnt without skills.

however if it is true then moze being better with fire and slow seems cool.
id hope then that zane is faster and does more cryo
i would like amara more melee and electro damage
fk4k more radiation and less damage from fire, more from corossive

Edit: moze gets a negative so maybe they should too? so keep the elements but Amara gets less less um gun damage? zane gets less meele?? flak gets less action skill damage???

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what tinfoil had conspiracy is this?