Initial impression of Iron Cub in an actual gameplay

I wanna list some of the things I noticed while playing Iron Cub in M11 Athenas:

My gear:

  • X2 Beacon
  • low level Sellout
  • +5 SSB Flare
  • 150% ASA CMT
  • Stop Gap
  • Pearl
  • X2 Kybs Worth
  • x3 Flakker

My observations:

  • Iron Cub does PATHETIC damage. You would think they would have Mayhem Scaling included but NO. Iron Cub barely tickles a normal Maliwan soldier
  • Moze easily destroys everything but not sure if this is because of the Beacon or just her Skag/Short Fuse combo
  • The cooldown on Iron Cub is loooooongggg. You better keep Iron Cub duration running. So after IC is dead, that’s the only time the cooldown will start counting. So I guess this is where Eternal Flame com sits in
  • The buffed Flakker is strong. It clears all mobs. Not sure if this is Moze, the weapon, or 4th skill tree. It’s like Plagubearer but faster
  • The new skin is nice
  • Sellout allows Moze to activate her 4th skill tree skills

I havent tried Arms Race btw


Yeah, IC is horrible. I’m pretty sure it’s because of Mayhem Scaling, it’s gonna be fixed.

Yeah but that’s really a surprise because of the streamers have reported that already. Isn’t that one of the purposes of early access for these streamers? I mean they mentioned that-- they are not only playing to demo but also to repoet issues.


Am I disappointed? Sadly, yes. Am I surprised? Even more sadly, no.


I’m trying to think of an optimal shield anoint for IC. The ASE’s dont work anymore or can only be activated once.

Yea it kinda makes no sense that they didn’t buff iron cub after every streamer said it was way too low


Also if they didn’t fix that then I bet iron cub still actually doesn’t receive damage biost from iron bear boosters and jusy acts as auto bear 2.0 but weaker

CC having early access was a marketing ploy; it’s not the first time that early access-er provided feedback about the game that went ultimately not cared about.

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By the way if you go FFYL, you lose the Harmonius Havoc (the 10% per matching element item bonus). You need to switch to another gun to reactivate it.

  • V-35 augment (the one with singularity) is fun with IC.

  • 150% ASA grenades doesn’t look that great in practice, specially with CMT

  • Grenades with While Iron Bear is active, taking dmg has 20% chance to spawn grenade works great. The Epicenter and Firestorm are annoying though because it can easily kill you specially when IC keeps running around

  • IC gets stuck on an enemy. If you are on M11, he is basically stucked trying to kill that enemy. So let’s say you move to 3 blocks away, he will still engage the first enemy he met. We need an attack or follow command

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Does less damage sure but lasts 8-10 times as long, is mobile, doesn’t require going halfway down a tree and spending a skill point to get, has Moze dmg boosting abilities and allows Moze to use some of the most powerful anoints in the game. Doesn’t seem like a totally unfair tradeoff imho

It can last forever but if does not do damage is useless. The bearcat can last forever, but would you use it?

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That’s ok if that’s intentional. But IC can barely scratch a Maliwan soldier in M11. So let’s say Iron Bear can insta kill a soldier, I’d expect IC to do at least 20% damage.

Edit: Also since he can’t kill anything, he gets stuck on a loop killing the first thing he sees. You gotta help him kill or you’ll be alone fighting.

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The damage boosting skills for moze in that tree aren’t as good as you think btw it’s still not as strong as any of her current trees btw

Apologies in advance for the dumb question, but Does Moze receive the Flare damage bonus while IC is out?

From my test, yes.

I would never even pick up let alone use a Bearcat. I won’t get to fully test out IC until later tonight so havent had much hands on yet, but im less concerned with lack of dmg since I never use Iron Bear offensively now. So basically any dmg is more than 0 which is what im getting from IB currently. I plan on using cub only to support Moze and seems like it can fill that role pretty well just based on first impression.

Well for support in mobbing, I found him useful with proccing V-35 singularity and quasar with singularity grenades for crowd control.

Now if he can only deal some damage would be sweeter.

Any post with “playing Mayhem 11” in it is a no go for me now. I’ll have the Cub in about 5 hours and we’ll see what premature judgement achieves.

is Cub being utilized properly or being thrown against situations as a solution when there may be a few nuances

Way too early for judgement yo

Seriously? The Cub just released.

The bug where IC doesn’t get Mayhem Scaling appears to not have been fixed.

Known bug from the early access builds that the Streamers got to show off.