Initial thoughts/feelings

(Damien Azreal) #1

So, I finally got a copy of this.
And, I’ve finished every episode except ‘The Birth’ (my least favorite of the official ones), but I’m currently playing through it.

So, I really like this release.
Firstly, the new episode is great. I love the new levels, and the amount of detail and little things put into those levels is fantastic.
The new weapon is cool, but makes the game very easy. As enemies can’t attack once they’ve been hit.
Also, the final boss is pathetically easy. Since his attack has a range to it, and the area you fight him in is very large, it’s easy to stay out of range, but just dump on him with the Devastator.

Personally, I really like the new 3D renderor and the new lighting. Gives the game a great look, and really adds to the already great atmosphere of the original.
Also, it’s very nice to see the rewind feature of the Xbox LIVE version here. I remember tons of requests for this feature when the MegaTon Edition released.

Now, I personally don’t miss the three expansion packs that are not included. Partially because I always found them lackluster compared to the base game. I mean, Life’s a Beach is fun, and Duke it out in DC has it’s moments. But, they are not episodes I load up DN3D to play.
And, the new fifth episode more then makes up for them.

But, I have noticed, switching weapons using the mouse wheel seems a bit… slow. It seems it should be one movement of the mouse wheel should switch weapons. But, it feels like it takes a few.
Also, using keycards on the locks is very touchy. Several times I’ve encountered that I have the card, but unless I’m standing in the exact right spot, looking at just the perfect spot… they won’t work.
So several colored doors I’m inching my way around them, clicking constantly, trying to unlock them. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, again, really like this release. Some great features, an awesome new episode.


OMG, I’m already hyped. But reading your review makes me even more exciting. Can’t wait to get my own copy as soon as possible! Duke Nukem… forever!