Initialization Error Workaround

edit2: Problem with launcher, got around the problem by running BorderlandsGOTY.exe directly.

I have validated integrity of game files. Cannot launch BL1 GOTY Enhanced.


edit: PC platform. Game files and save files located on different drives.

more specific, please. pc, mac, or linux?

This definitely works for linux, may work for mac, idk.

PC of course.

Had the same problem myself: there is a workaround.

Go into your game files and launch the game directly from the .exe rather than the launcher. I put a shortcut on my desktop to save hunting around for it.

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Right in time when I figured it out myself. Thanks!

Heh, no worries! I’ve edited the thread title for anyone else with the same issue.

That’s…literally what the post I linked is :stuck_out_tongue: Delete the launcher, and rename the .exe to launcher.exe

Sorry, but I’m allergic to Reddit.

I love it. It’s such a hive mind.

Where specifically would this .exe file be? What is it specifically named?