Input delay in both BL2 and BL:TPS

I also had this problem on ps3 version as well. I know it’s been around for years but seriously it’s impossible for me to play online when I’m not the host. The delay just makes me miss every time and I go down every time I fight. Like in UVHM, There’s that “lose more than 50% health and u get 1-2 seconds to get health back” but with this delay I get almost no time to get health back meaning I just die all the time. And especially since I play a melee zero I’m always taking some damage but with that input delay? I just die.

Please fix it’s unfair for my friends who have to go through that annoying input delay just to play with me and same for me when joining them.

Do you mean you press the trigger and it waits a second or two before firing the gun or you press the trigger, fire the gun but the enemy apparently wasn’t there? If the latter it’s called online lag and it basically means you need a faster and/or more reliable internet connection and/or the servers are really busy with stuff.

It has to be lag caused by the connection. I play online all the time with my brothers, both hosting and joining their games. Never ever had this problem. And we’re on Australian internet, which is basically two tin cans and a piece of string!