Inquiring minds want to know. Why does hyperius crash a ps3 so much?

I would hope gbx looked into it at some point, and I can conjecture a bunch, but what is it about him? Crashes can occur on the very first bullet that hits him, or mid fight, or especially on kill. RLauncher for a kill seem to do it a lot on kill.

I am curious if the devs got a handle on it or not.

Hmm that’s odd. I’ve never crashed on Hyperious.

I didn’t kill him extensively, but still quite a bit.

At op8 on ps3?

Hyperius crashes about 1 time in 10. It is rather repeatable if you RL him in the face to kill him.

bore shotting can hang the ps3 as well, but I think that is understandable.

Yeah I’m on ps3.

But not OP8, maybe the numbers get to big?

pretty sure of it.

Him and Dexi both. Everyone else is fine.

I usually cannot get to Dexi because the game reliably hangs after the first wave of savages.

That’s odd. I’ve never encountered a crash while fighting Hyper on PS3. I’ve killed him up to 15 times in a row with all the loot still scattered in the arena too.

At OP8?

Because I’ve never had an issue either, but I only have 61 cap

At level 72 here.

I’ve also had this issue only with Hyperius though. I can him approximately 3 times, and my PS3 usually ends up freezing the fourth time, so I usually kill him once, quit to main menu, and load it up again. This way it doesn’t freeze up on me, still it makes Hyperius a bitch to farm though, hopefully this issues doesn’t appear in the PS4 version.

G-box ruined a lot on ps3 and left numbers of issues behind. Hyperious you can only kill him max 8 times then it will freeze. Badass vault glitch never fixed. 4 play co-OP outta the question on ps3. Money next-gen bl2 won’t have anything fixed. Game comes out next week an yet to have any side by side videos.

i believe there was a rendering problem some time ago. that map specifically had too many god rays or some other particle effect. this caused low end pcs to exhibit lag even without enemies. the solution on the pc was to edit the ini file for god rays and disable them.

it likely doesn’t happen on ps4 due to the fact that its more powerful capabilities can handle the increased particle effects. ps3 may be borderline able to handle it. as such, increased weapons objects and other visual effects from weapon drops may increase the graphic load to beyond what a ps3 is capable of.

oh yeh, don’t i know it.

what the heck are god rays? and more importantly can i farm for some with torgue grip? ; )