Inquiry: Console frame rate

Out of curiosity, does the frame rate BL 2 buckle under stress on the current gen systems like it did on the previous? I now play on the PC (good performance but not even close to rock solid) but I recall very well from my time on the 360 and the PS4 areas like Hero’s Pass would just chug out. Just wondering if I should check it out. Is it possible The Handsome Collection is the ultimate BL experience?

The only time the frame rate struggles on the Xbox is in BL2, in Washburne Refinery.

I recall this being a problem in the 360 version, as well.

Other than that, I haven’t had any problems.

PS4 user here. Only lag I am getting is from having the FOV set to 110. No slowdown otherwise.

It does but nowhere near as bad as it used to. Certain areas are worse than others. Washburne, Thousand Cuts, Caustic Caverns, to name a few off the top of my head. On ps4 now and played on PS3 btw.

Hm. Washburne huh? Enclosed areas usually do pretty well in games because of the limited number of ‘dynamic’ assets compared to open maps. Maybe Hyper just cripples CPUs while he slumbers. Thousand Cuts and Sawtooth are where I see the worst of my chuga-lug, which is a shame because those big sandbox levels are the most exciting to play.

Can you monitor your frame rate in-game on the consoles? Or even better, would one of you guys be interested in uploading some footage of a ‘worst case’ example? I know current gen is all about integrated capture & sharing. Would be cool. In fact, I’ma check the sub forums for some now…

Because of the way the game engine works, reducing your frame rate would cap your in-game fire rate as well, so not a good idea. (Especially considering your build)

On the PS4 it’s like a night and day difference from playing on the PS3 & Xbox 360. It’s so much smoother.

Borderlands 2 on new console have switching on graphic option ambient occlusion. I have BL2 on PC with 560GTX ti and PS4. While i playing BL2 on PC with ambient occlusion in washburn refinery i have in some place even 20 fps without ambient occlusion i have no less than 40 fps. Hope Gearbox give us option on new console option to switching off ambient occlusion for better frame rate. Second problem with BL2 is with light shafts when I switching it off in willowengine.ini on PC i have no less than 60 FPS even in washburn refinery. Sorry for my bad english.