Insane drop rates for me now (Probably RNGesus)

Idk what’s up really, must be insanely lucky… but I’ve been speed farming the Mercenary DLC tonight and getting legendaries every time. Had 2 double drops. One was a pearl and legendary. Then got a triple legendary drop about 10 minutes ago hahaha! Even an item of the day! About 1/3 were Legendary Siren COMs though

IMG_ae034a29-b4c0-47dd-b41c-7ce68a8f5600 IMG_a42d247c-9161-4045-a01c-a84bf6b62a87


annnnd I’m missing a couple of pics but yeah. This is neat haha…

Farming the train is fun. Mercenary Day is the equivalent to the Gift Shop in BL1.

It’s definitely fun… when RNG is nice to ya lol. But lately, it’s been accurate for me in a way. It’s either I get really great farm runs (main/obvious runs like Frostburn, WEP, Mercenary, Thousand Cuts, and another… :wink:
or I get absolutely nothing. No in between. It’s weird because it happens when playing solo. When I tell a friend “I’m getting mad good RNG right now, hop on!” then they join, we get nothing lmao. Way she goes for me lately.

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