Insane Lag Issues in Borderlands 2 singleplayer and multiplayer

In Borderlands 2, in the handsome collection, I experience severe lag. the game runs below 30 fps and is barely enjoyable. If I’m in my friends game and we go to a new area, it takes about 5 seconds more to load than it does for them. I don’t know what’s causing the issues, I tried clearing my cache and reinstalling but there is no fixing it for me. I really want to enjoy this game that I paid for :confused: (XBOX ONE)

Lots of people are having the same issues myself included they have already acknowledged the issue and a patch is on the way. Knowing Gearbox though it will probably come in a month :pensive:

The xbox one version has a lot more issues then the ps4 version, on my ps4 bl2 runs 60 fps 90 percent of the time it only drops when things get way too crazy, but for the pre sequel its way worse because that just a crap game made by a different developer in Australia the fps drops alot more and is almost un playable in co op because the servers are so bad, i dont know if the xbox version is at 1080p but if it is it might cause the fps drops for you , the xbox one has hardware limits and its hard for devs to make games run 1080p 60fps on it

Thats weird on xbox one TPS runs just fine for me but with screen tearing but borderlands 2 has really bad fps drop and broken matchmaking

Exact oppisite for me BL2 i have had no problems with all the problems i have had are in TPS

It kind of suck that there are issues at all I guess this is the MCC 2.0

Well you’ve no clue what you’re talking about. The Xbox One and PS4 are nearly identical in power, except for a slightly more powerful GPU in the PS4, and a more powerful CPU in the One. Get your fanboy antics out of here.


Get your name-calling antics out of here. No reason for that at all.

I wasn’t aware that that was “name calling”. People are so sensitive nowadays.

You used it as a form of attack. So please refrain from such remarks.

Not being a fanboy im just stating facts devs are having a harder time this generation with the xbox as opposed to last generation, it is what it is there is no helping it

It is slightly more powerful is it? Says the guy running the system that consistently runs no better than a PS3. The Xbox one is nothing more than a glorified PS3 and you know it that is why you are so quick to snap at him. If you were to look at the game comparisons you would see Xbox has never done better than PS4 and consistently runs worse by large margins graphically. The only thing “about the same” is frame rate.

Ironically those high end games that seem to be at parity with PS4 are those forced to do so by Microsoft extortion and bribery. Watch Dogs being dumbed down on PS4 and Unity are 2 perfect examples. They openly admitted to have forced parity or dumbed down on PS4 at Microsoft’s behest. If you don’t like the truth then don’t go online because you will be barking mad within 10 minutes.

A glorified PS3? sounds like Sony paid you to say that. Don’t be that guy…you sound insecure about your purchase

What it isn’t? Isn’t the Xbox ones claim to fame that it can finally do what the PS3 could do but with TV? Like changing channel is hard? lol No one is insecure here. ; ) To be fair when a guy wants to run in gnashing his teeth like a crazed buffoon just because someone asked a simple question it doesn’t lend any of you much credibility.

The facts are despite this apparent “hardware similarity” PS4 still seems knock the Xbox dead. Even directX 12 did nothing to improve the system according to developers. Leave hardware to Sony as they are the experts and software to Microsoft. Sony is the expert at hardware so expecting Xbox to be better without underhanded tactics from Microsoft is very unlikely.

I’m not going to argue with you, I actually have both and prefer my XB1. You’re so hellbent on defending Sony it’s weird.


There was no reason to ruin the OPs thread with this nonsense.

Mikelombardo, I apologize on behalf of those who completely derailed your thread with unessesary platform warrioring.

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