Insane pistol makes my day

Just got this thing here. It explodes almost everything even in mayham 3. Jesus. Stuff is freezing then explodes, made my day.


I got a legendary smg the other day that does the same thing. Dont remember the name of it right now though it’s still to early in the am to think.

Well cool, but a pistol dealing almost 7 k damage?

A blue pistol at that! I also just noticed it uses 8 bullets per shot too! Insane. After fully reading the stats yeah that thing is a beast.

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these things own indeed then again most alien barrel guns comfortably beat legenaries in field tests. aka torgue shotties or AR’s with alien barrels will out damage per shot/dps/ a lot of legendary things respectively

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I was just about to edit my post saying how most alien barrel guns I’ve come across have been insane! I got this one AR that was irradiated around level 23 and just started mowing everyone down. Then my cloud save corrupted and I lost it to RNGsus forever.

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If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Carbuncle, or the enemy was 10+ levels higher.

I’ve been running Carbuncles whenever they’re found, and keep them on hand for when I have lower level characters. Terrible if the shot misses, but it’s gold when it hits, especially critical. I’ve only seen four between three full, and two half play-throughs, so they’re pretty uncommon. The Wyvern is more common, and kind of a mini-buncle, but not nearly as hard hitting.


Does the gungun shoot them out?

I’ve not seen it happen, but have only shot out about 300 guns.

I’ve had the gungun shoot out all kinds of alien tech barrel guns, somewhat regularly.

Love the carbuncles. Wish there was a legendary version.
They eat ammo so fast, though. Need to use them sparingly. =]

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heck, i wish there were a purple version of it :frowning_face:

Pretty sure I’ve got a purple. I’ll have a look. =]
EDIT: Nah, it was blue as well. I remembered it being more powerful than my others, but when I checked, it was just because it was x9, not because it was rarer. (It was 536x9, my current best is 754x8)

Get you one of these


i like that your amara lowkey flip the finger.


It looks more like a shocker to me…

Spent all yesterday looking for a carbuncle.
Today, one comes out of a golden key chest opening!
It is fun, as long as you are not in a huge crowd, although with a Ricochet buff it get even better.
Thanks for the suggestion to find one!


Old thread but ill bumb it. The torgue Shredded Craps is awesome. Best torque pistol yet.

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