Insane radiation build around gamma burst

I saw this vid and seems like with red suit shield and radiation damage boost relic one can turn into a juggernaut.


It’s good and more importantly fun. I’ve done the same with Amara some weeks ago:

Gamma burst Fl4k is probably their most gear dependent build, but it’s so good once you get it going!

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All I need is a good radiation relic that boosts radiation damage. Got an Itchy Flakker and radiation dictator that melts things as it is without the gamma burst setup. I didn’t know radiation is also great against shields. Makes sense too since electro magnetic radiation synergizes with all fission and fusion reactions.

IMO the only item required to make it work really well is a Red Fang class mod. Once I had that I was able to run any kind of setup (gun, grenade, shield and artifact). I’d argue that it’s one of the least gear-dependent builds. The taunting pet makes your shield choice irrelevant a lot of the times. You need way less defensive modifiers to stay alive and therefore can invest more into offense.


Didn’t know Red Fang was that effective lol. I wonder if radiation and transformer shield work well together? Does radiation replenish it? Oh nevermind. Only electric damage works

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I’m doing radiation Zane build at the moment, just wondering what you’re doing to counter the low capacity of red suit? My solution is to find a relic with the +1666 shield but it also needs atom balm, if you have another way of countering this on Flak I’d love to hear it

Also I’ve found radiation lasersploder suits the build really well too, might be worth playing with that too.

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Just switch between red fang and friend-bot and you can literally never die. On my gamma burst build, only radiation weapons I keep are Q-system anointed with 65% rad dmg while gamma is active, and an AX-88 with same anointment. Best part about having it as bonus damage is that I can still cut through armour with the kinetic/rad deduction.

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Yeah that sounds like a plan.

Anyone have that Red suit with action skill cooldown annointment?

What are the best things to roll on the Red Suit? In the vid he has 17% fire rate while depleted, is that the best? Will your shield be depleted a lot? What else would be really good on it?

Using the red suit is what I find the weakest part of my radiation build. Due to the constant AOE radiation damage that’s happening constantly you can’t make a rad build without it, but it’s really low capacity compared to other shields so expect a lot of breaking. I got 5 or 6 of them thanks to peeps on the forum, and honestly just go the highest capacity you can get your hands on without amp.

Getting the roll is hard, but best way I’ve found to counter the low shield is finding a relic with +1666 shield, that puts you closer to the mid capacity shields. Even better if you can find one that adds health too, but the best relics for rad build are atom balm or elemental projector so getting all both boosts on one of those 2 relics still evades me.

Abby Hour made this build first. Want to give credit to the person who actually discovered this.


Interesting drop for the build.

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I’ve been slowly farming gear for this build but hadn’t yet found a Radiation Devils Foursum then this beauty dropped.


Has anyone got any videos of Radiation Fl4k doing M3 Slaughter Shaft? I’m having issues staying alive long enough to kill all the Badass’ that spawn throughout. Seems the damage isn’t strong enough to take them out really quick while also trying to avoid all the rocket launcher shots flying around. I know guardian ranks aren’t working at the moment so that would help a little but it still feels a little weak overall.

I’ve seen videos of people going through different maps with general mobbing but nothing in SS. Anyone had success in there on M3?

How are people dealing with the recoil of shotguns in their builds with GR off?

I’ll link the build that I found and use to easily clear SS M3. You can use Rakk Attack or Gamma Burst. I use Gamma Burst. I haven’t tried it with Rakk Attack. I hope it helps.


Found this, think it would go good with the build, but is this an M4 viable build now?