Insane redistributor

hello everyone, i’ve drop an awesome redistributor on wotan, this item got 1.2k item lvl and have
after action skill the next 2 spares do: .+100% fire dmg
.+100% corrosive dmg
.+100% ice dmg
.+100% electric dmg
as i say i have the 4 anoint at the same time and i one shot nearly everything now i wanna know if it’s a bug because i dont want my account to be ban:)
ty for ur answers everyone:)
(sry for bad english it’s not my native language^^)

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you play online? someone in your group drop those and it is modded.

oh ok so i have to erase this weapon? (yes i play online)

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If you’re on PC, you’re not breaking any terms of service if you decide to keep and use it; feel free to make the call as your heart desires.

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Sounds like a whole lotta fun :slight_smile:

If you feel really bad about it, I’ll gladly take it off your hands B)