Insane season pass price

Rs 140000 or almost 2100$ for the season in the indian store.
Hot damn. Fix it. I just have no words for the pricing.

That does sound like an issue because it’s only $30 USD. Hey @JoeKGBX, can you shed some light on this? Thanks.

Not even, its only $19.99 USD on steam.

Sounds like someone fat-fingered the price entry or ran the currency conversion completely the wrong way. Which store is this - PSN/MS/Steam/other?

I’ll be honest, I’m not up on my currency conversion rates, but the Season Pass is priced at $19.99 USD.

:dukefp: D’oh! I thought I had the wrong price, but didn’t feel like checking. Shows me I should know better. :dukeangry:

I know, like Vault said they probably just misplaced the decimal. I don’t know what it entails, but 20 bucks seems like a good price.

According to the Google currency convertor, it works out to 66.6 Indian Rupee. Allowing for all sorts of non-exchange rate variables, I can see a list price of 140 Indian Rupee (although what does that relate to in terms of actual cost-of-living?) Not 140000 though!

Oh when I did it, it worked out to $19.99 equaled about ₹1330.

So if the extra cost for it being sold in another country made it about $21, then it comes out to about ₹1400. So someone just missed the decimal in the ₹1400.00 probably.

The ₹66.60 you got is equal to one dollar.

Oops! Thought I’d fixed that before posting, but then the whole forums went dark for a bit from here. I hope it wasn’t me who broke them…

The base game is priced at 999 inr in steam. And the delux edition which comes with season pass at 1200 inr. I pre-ordered the physical copy and was thinking of getting the season pass digitally. But it is priced at 140000 inr.

20 euros on the European Steam Store. That’s actually pretty standard.

I would definitely send in a message to the steam store and ask them to check that price - it’s so out of keeping with everything else it has to be a mistake on the part of whoever entered the info.