Inside Claptrap's mind Campaign DLC

I feel like this deserves it’s own thread. It sounds utterly fantastic. Just like Tiny Tina’s DLC for borderlands 2, this lets them create something that places us anywhere they want. Perhaps it’s a routine in his head helps him deal with the actions he’s been forced to take. And it means we could even be on Pandora for part of it. Pockets of no air vs air? Low gravity? Sure. It’s in claptrap’s head. Other planets? Space? Whatever they want.

Also, I suspect there will be a side mission to make us dance at some point…

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Well, this could be a huge version of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep, but with Claptrap instead of Tina. Also remember that point in Borderlands 2 where Claptrap told you to collection 139000 rocks, kill the lord of skags, pilfer the staff of mount schuler, sever the head of the destroyed of worlds and bring it back, and dance for his amusement just to get to his stash? We might be doing all of that in this campaign… nonetheless, I don’t get how you would play as Claptrap in his own mind… I thought fall of New Haven would’ve been pretty cool, fighting the original 4 vault hunters, but apparently only Wilhelm was involved in that.


Wilhelm and Claptrap were involved in that but on different sides.

I’m really looking forward to this.

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I suspect he’ll literally have you collecting rocks for this. One by one. But then, perhaps 20 rocks in he says, “ok fast forward 50 years” and then shows all the players aged (perhaps with a mirror for solo players). Ok, let’s rewind back, you’re useless to me that old.

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Oh dear, a Clappy-centric DLC. Well, I hope they do it right cause there are only a handfull of Clap-traps that don’t annoy me.

That said, imagine a gun and when you shoot you hear Clap-Trap beatboxing or something. Make the gun Hyperion and yellow with hints of white. Would be a no-brainer really for such dlc.


this^ just this all the way^

If you play claptrap every female will be all over you and when you play someone else every female will be like “Sorry I only like small robots who cry alot”.

It sounds great. I think Itll be better than normal presequel. Kinda makes me sad, because we only get to play 1story dlc, but should be worth it.

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I didn’t know Claptrap was at the Fall of New Haven, I thought he was at Windshear Waste by then.

According to one of the comic books Mikey Neumann wrote he was present (and tried to rescue the people of New Haven?).

I have to read those Borderlands comics now :grimacing:

Actually, now that I think of it, this DLC could also have fall of New Haven as flashback in Claptrap’s memory. But I still want to know how Claptrap will behave inside of his own mind, it might be like Dream Luigi from Mario&Luigi Dream Team though.

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Exactly. It’s quite possible.

But me and Nina aren’t sure about that. If claptrap tried to help, what would Wilhelm do?

Kill everyone

I think this is a perfect opportunity to do what Borderlands dose best, have great loot and make us laugh. The guns that are in Claptrap’s mind will be so awsome. Also, it’s Claptrap, it will be hillarous

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So what if you play as claptrap on this dlc and the vaulthunter.exe actually changed the environment as well. Just spitballing


Imagine everything changing into giant Claptraps, while you play as Claptrap and everyone starts to beatbox.

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I’m now picturing this DLC to be like a mixture between BL1 DLC 4 (claptrap madness) mixed with BL2 DLC 4 (a strange dynamic world that could change at a whim because of the narrator). Probably very rewarding and freeing for them to work on and fun for us as the players.