Inside GBX Panel at PAX East 2017 - Mar 12

As much as i love gbx they dont know what to do with their time in expos… Just like the time they sang or the presidency debate.



Now im out of here


And that was the biggest reason I didn’t like it. There was nothing that we didn’t know already, except for few pictures of that vr game and duke nukem ad.

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That’s why imo i wouldn’t have held the panel and i would have posted that stuff on the media if i were them. At the end that panel was just a giveaway for bulletstorm and battleborn

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-Vid removed by PH, as the content breaches the forum rules-
this pretty much sums up my feelings

The most amazing magic trick at the panel this year was to take the fans hopes and dreams for Borderlands 3 and “alakazam” make them disappear.

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U killed it

No BL3 news? Sometimes I forget Borderlands was the reason I joined this forum, due to how Gearbox Software just abandoned it.

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