Inside GBX Panel at PAX East 2017 - Mar 12

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #21

As much as i love gbx they dont know what to do with their time in expos… Just like the time they sang or the presidency debate.


Now im out of here

(Jan S.) #22

And that was the biggest reason I didn’t like it. There was nothing that we didn’t know already, except for few pictures of that vr game and duke nukem ad.

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(Pietro The Czar) #23

That’s why imo i wouldn’t have held the panel and i would have posted that stuff on the media if i were them. At the end that panel was just a giveaway for bulletstorm and battleborn

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(Pietro The Czar) #24

-Vid removed by PH, as the content breaches the forum rules-
this pretty much sums up my feelings

(Boomshanka08) #25

The most amazing magic trick at the panel this year was to take the fans hopes and dreams for Borderlands 3 and “alakazam” make them disappear.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #26

U killed it

(fabio) #27

No BL3 news? Sometimes I forget Borderlands was the reason I joined this forum, due to how Gearbox Software just abandoned it.

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