Insta health question

Probably a waste of time this Question but When I open a locker or cache and my energy is already full, insta health has a price why ? Is some way to sell it on ?

Also is there a thread for asking random Qs ?

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Pretty sure the health vial price is merely a constraint of the item card. Easier to set a dummy price for the item than to code an item card that doesn’t list a price.

I don’t believe there to be a random questions thread yet. You could create one. Similar threads such as Random Information Borderlands 2 edition have been rather successful and the community has tended to appreciate.

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Health vials have a price because you can also buy them from Zed’s vending machines.


Here is a good one, or if it involves spoilers then the spoiler one. If you are looking for gear the trading Post one would be the best place.

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