Insta killed by a thrall?

So in a pvp match I was insta killed by a thrall. I know they changed the thralls to only attack the objective and not players also an ability that every 10 seconds or whatever the timer is they insta kills minions, but for some reason it hit me when I had full shield and health and took 3k damage and died. Has anyone else had this happen?


Should probably report as a bug.

Defiantly, Iā€™m mainly just curious though if anyone else had this happen.

I just had this happen. I was on Echelon playing as Whiskey Foxtrot. The Thrall was on the stairs in front of my first sentry and as I killed it I died for no apparent reason from near full health. It did exactly 3000 damage to me in < 1 second. I play on Xbox One.

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happens on various story modes normal and advanced. full health and shield no hit KO

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