Insta-trash legendaries/uniques?

Just wondering if there’s any consensus about fairly useless legendaries and uniques in the game. I’ve had so much gear thrown at me during my play throughs, don’t have time to try everything out adequately and am constantly juggling a full bank and backpack. Thinking back to 2 I hated every time I got a Cradle or WTF shield. Many of the unique assault rifles and shotguns were also underwhelming. Any thoughts about 3?


The Lob and the Superball.


Honestly at this point if I see another woodblocker or ASMD i’m going to scream… lol The woodblocker isn’t even all that bad IMHO but JFC I see these two snipers easily 50x more than any other legendary lol


Especially since every other legendary world drop was the WTF


Basically all legendaries are trash except the unforgiven, lyuda, night hawkin, shredifier, kings call/queens call :smiley:


LOL true, that was a joke that went waaay too far.

I can think of atleast good 20 insta - trash drops.But thats how games are.Youtubers are gonna try and find a meme build eventually baiting everyone , but we all know that nobody trully cares and even if used people will quickly ditch them.Its a fact that repeated for every BL game till this moment.Memes will be memes.Youtubers are memes.Trash drops are ignored. :rofl:

Why would someone take anything else besides a Lyuda when it comes to sniper rifles?

Red card sheild!!!

Any artifact that buffs a slide!!

Any non elemental SMG

Any grenade that isn’t Hex

All launchers

All torque and atlas.


I like the slide mechanic in general but cannot get behind equipping a relic to add what feels like a minor buff to an occasional action. Any slide kings out there who are having good experiences with these relics?

I’m also not into launchers at all in this game; they seem much more underpowered than in 2. Maybe I haven’t met the right one yet? :wink:

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honestly it’s hard to say because buffs/nerfs are going to be coming

Idk. They buffed The Lob and I still think it’s bad. Maybe I’m just not using it right.

I cant abide the relics… but I did find the legendary Dahl smg that goes nuts when you fire it during a slide. That was fun.


Depends on the purpose. I’d argue that a Headsplosion or Monocle is probably actually better for mobbing than a Lyuda because it doesn’t eat through your ammo that quickly.


Torgue is my favorite manufacturer in the game. Not sure why you dislike them.


The flakker, devastator and laser splosion are all god tier, especially with Moze. Roisons thorns is also pretty darn good as is the HIve… Torque has just as many if not more truly great weapons in this game as any other weapon maker and also the flakker is EASILY the best weapon in the game IMHO


Torgue is still pretty good, actually. Like, they may have nerfed the shotguns slightly and honestly, the ARs were always trash but the shotguns and pistols are still fairly good.

Wouldn’t necessarily agree on that because the randomized stats make a big difference. Like, I’ve got one that’s honestly kind of garbage but at the same time it buffs magazine size by 40%, making it a lot better for the purpose of farming Grave Ward than my Otto Idol.

Not on Zane if you are running a clone build. Digi-Clone with a Hive or Scourge can be really good.


All legendary Class Mods for Zane other than the Infiltrator and the Executor. Only exception is if they happen to boost really good bonus stats (for instance, I got a Techspert that gives me a lot of gun damage that I like to use) that are just better than their primary effect.


Storm, the Lob, Maggie, Malak’s Bane, basically most Launchers, most of Atlas legendaries, the Red Card, T.K’s Wave, Superball and the Red Queen.


Yeah, most artifacts add some minor damage to slides or slam, another one gives me +75% life steal on melee strikes which is insane with Amara. Aside from the few that have worthwhile bonuses, I just choose them based on secondary effects like shield bonus etc.

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