Instaganking KataZer0

So I’ve made a couple comments about what I’ve been calling an Instagank on Katagawa Jr. I FINALLY have some footage of it, no shots fired. My teammate @spacerobots has some footage of a bunch of these shot in third person, but I finally figured out my recording software enough to get this so @nat_zero_six and @Slif_One and @arsonist can get a look =] HI EVERYBODY.

Oops, he dead



that is for putting charge time on maliwan guns katagawa.

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I piñata’d this mook for a week straight :joy::joy::joy:

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Here it is, @GrzesPL

I’ve accidentally instakilled him a few times after he splits, I grasp the middle one and shoot the generator which kills him. This is way cooler though, thanks for the tag!

P.S. come to PS4, we’re all Sirens here lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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How did you make that happen

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I still love this so much. I’ll try to get the video I got of you doing this a bunch up soon! You insta-killed him so many times omg.

And yeah I was doing nothing in this video, I was just along to watch and get loot and watch my skag try to chase Katagawa around as he died. :smiley:

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Okay, so, like, I built a whole loadout just to fight him. Brainstormer, Storm, a shock and nuclear Spinner, Kill of The Wisp, but this started with just the Brainstormer. I was trying to use Ties That Bind and the Brainstormer to kill him in the first few seconds, by hopefully sharing damage back from the decoys. I wear a Transformer so when I mess up, the generators health my shield during the fight.

But while doing this, I did two other things. I picked the Revelation Augment in the brawl tree that creates a nova on Action skill damaging an enemy, and I put on a Nimbus class mod to create a cloud of action skills element on enemy damage.

I can’t for sure say what happens here. But I think: I am hitting the Ties that Bind just as the clones summon. The nova pops the generator, and the damage share between the action skill immune damage, the nova, the generator burst, and the Nimbus cloud all creates a burst of damage that eats his shield than him.

I know when I took the Nimbus off, I failed at this on M3. I also was using a visual cue which was hit or miss. Now I use an audio cue and get it almost every time :slight_smile:

Note: there is a fraction of a second where this works. It’s an oddly precise thing. I have watched in horror as I do absolutely nothing with this because I did it too soon, or just kinda eat his shield for being late

Hahaha, yeah. This started out with me trying to use the Brainstormer and Ties to see if that would work, and I messed with things and I Was slow on the trigger once and he died so I just played around with it and increased Mayhaps Modules and tested it each time.

I think the only time he survives is a Action Skill Nerf AND a Shock Nerf on 3. It’s been…interesting. Hahah. Now I have to farm him and the Troopers as a full run. So that’s cool?

I would love to join you on ps4, but I can’t justify a console purchase (…I justified the computer as a multi task machine…)

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Wait what. How tho??

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Hahahahah, short version:.

Transformer Shield so you don’t die.
Ties That Bind to link damage.
Revelation Augment to cast a nova to blow the generator.
Nimbus class mod for shock cloud just in case.
Lots of points in Tempest might be helping?

Absolutely perfect timing. There is a literal fraction of a second where everything lines up to do this. There’s a sound cue I’m following, but I’m a musician and that’s just how I got the rhythm.


Yes. Yes you do


If you don’t have the nimbus, but a phasezerker you can do the same if you stack rush untill 99 and shoot one brainstormer. Also kills him pretty consistent.

As far as I know, katagawa himself only gets the damage you dealt to all his clones in the splitting phase. If you bind all of them and kill them - well.

That’s cool! This was less about the speed of it, and more about the incredibly hilarious result that is me just constantly going in and no shots fired turning him into loot goop.

I’m wondering how TVHM will impact this. This was done on NVHM M3. I was doing it a lot :joy:. But I have some ideas for if TVHM scales something out of reach here. (Hint. It rhymes with Smell a Mental Smajector)


buff money shot?

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? I don’t speak Sal :joy:

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Yeah I found a similar way to kill him guaranteed.

Youtube Link


That’s awesome! I’m just trying to do it in a single press. It’s been funny as hell to me. Zero prep, just pop down and grasp his death like Darth Vader


Here we have a Third Person perspective on a montage of Ganks, courtesy of @Spacerobots


That Zane gank at the end still gets me. Just… how did you even… ??? That was amazing. :joy: