Instagram post says Guardian Takedown postponed

Lets just chalk it up to 2020 being 2020 just another horrible event. we’ve been on the brink of another war, murder hornets, Australia fires, virus outbreak, total halt of our economy, riots, etc. and instead of helping us forget all that with some good news for a change they just add on to the pile. All I know is with extra time they got it better be polished to hell with little to no bugs.


Just update the game like you said,that’s their job after all. The player base is dwindling to near on non existent. They can support whatever they want to just in their own time, shouldn’t be a excuse to not provide people who payed money for the game,a update, which desperately needs something right now.

Just own up and say the goddamn patch ain’t ready


My guess would be something around the time we normally get a hotfix of patch update on here from Noelle so bout 45 min ish if there is to be anything.

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Well, I don’t mind if the Takedown gets delayed. I hope they get it right.
However, I was hoping for some fixes. Really wish they would stop tying so much together. Get some fixes out without it being tied to anything else.
Might make it easier to track down the bugs.


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I don’t think my post was political discussion

PM me if you are concerned about it, please.

Disappointed, but not surprised. Been saying that a lot lately. :disappointed:

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Hahahaha, was just gunna post this when I saw you had already done it. A lot of companies delayed DLC’s, updates, whatever, due to the BLM movement. I seriously don’t understand it, but I won’t get into it here. At a time when people need diversions like gaming, game companies decide to become all self righteous all of a sudden. We can see through that.


My thoughts exactly. The update wasn’t done and they are just trying to save face. They released a ultimate collectors edition of the 3 original games just a few days ago, plus if this was just for solidarity then how come they can’t announce the release date then?


I hope GB will at least get a message as soon as possible about the period in which we can expect the patch. After all, we all paid a lot of money for the game and DLC’s and should also have the right to finally fix the many problems, I know that there is also free content like the events, but we shouldn’t stand in the rain as customers be left. It is hardly fun to play BL3 now, if you spend so many hours, days or even weeks in vain to farm things, at some point the air is out and you have enough of the same things that in the end do not achieve the desired result ( Loot). I hope the event comes before the DLC and not at the same time.


That spark you said allready set things in motion in the 60’s…

Only thing I can say about the whole thing is…

MURICAAA :cowboy_hat_face::woozy_face:

I guess I got my answer with the patch. That likely won’t come at all. Trying not to rant but it been so long I haven’t been playing this because I can’t tell if I’m acquiring M0 loot which I sure I have without noticing on M10.

Another wait for this doesn’t sit right with me. At least I’m going get a new controller to use tomorrow. I thought I’d use it on this game the moment I get it sigh.

I kinda tired of playing Division 2. Thankfully CoD WW2 is free on PlayStation for this month. I might buy Black Ops 4 if I have the money

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@boombumr @vCarpeDiemv Still nothing official posted to their OWN PLAYER FORUMS about the delay. I know they are busy, but jeez, have the respect for the player base to take 10 minutes to make a forum post about it, at least.

I am not on social media at all (other than Youtube, which I guess technically is social media), so whatever news I learn about developments in the life of the game, I learn on these forums. And that is the intended purpose of the forums, as far as I can tell.

I guess they figure the (mostly hardcore) players that frequently visit and post here will just spread the word to the wider player base? Still, your own message forum seems like somewhere you should be posting news about the game, if you are going to encourage players to hang out here and discuss the game (which they do).


EZb_XhaX0AAogN3 (1)

(all businesses right now)


Bro they just wasnt ready and found the perfect excuse


All businesses ALWAYS. Not just right now. I own a business myself, so with that context, I can tell you that businesses always will do what they perceive is in the best interests of their organization and its people. And that does not always mean what is in the best interests of people outside the organization.

I am not defending, championing, or in any way supporting these types of practices, because I try really hard not to run my own business like that. However, when all the chips are on the table, you can take it to the bank that business owners will do everything they can to protect their company and its employees.

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Nah, Blizzard did some banning last year with China/HK debate? Posted a similar message(with these protests) and now they are getting a lot of heat for NOW standing against oppression? So not ALL but most :slight_smile: