Instagram post says Guardian Takedown postponed

Right on point. Good job. :+1:


I’m curious and never really asked this:

You do realize Floyd was a career criminal and was in prison until 2014 for dressing up as a milkman and holding a gun to a pregnant womans belly while his buddies robbed her blind right ?

Your stance on racism aside… THIS is the man you want to honor? Really ?


What? In support of protesters in the USA they postpone a very much needed patch? Sorry, don’t get it. I hope this is just an excuse because QA showed it’s just not ready yet. If not it’s a slap in the face of Gearbox’s international customers.

Sorry, I’m totally for protest against police violence and against discrimination in the USA, but that’s a bit too much for me. You don’t make a statement with this, you punish your customers, Gearbox. They are forced to live with a buggy product for an even longer time. You could have done something against this today, but you decided not to. :roll_eyes:


And your point in this? And I’m not the one to argue so I’ll leave as it is.

Is it really hard to understand? The poster i was replying to was upset that they didnt mention Floyd by name as he was some kind of saint … the guy was a pos by almost any measure .

You can talk racism that’s fine by me, but let’s not glorify a career criminal who held up a pregnant woman at gun point .


@Tokesy97 Good point taken. Well Done. :+1:

Guardian Takedown postponed? Broken game “fixes” postponed? I think…we…got…jebaited.


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They don’t, really. With such a short statement it was literally no effort at all.

That’s not true, either. There are protests taking place all over the world and it’s morphed into a more general protest against racism and violence against black people in general. In the UK Stephen Boyega included in his speech “we are a physical representation of our support for Stephen Lawrence.” Stephen was killed in a racially motivated attack that had nothing to do with the police

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while he undoubtedly was a low life, he didn’t deserve to die in the way that he did, pleading to be allowed to breath while one white police officer cut off his air supply and another three looked on. He’s a natural focal point because of the completely unnecessary, undignified and shocking way in which he died, but that doesn’t make him a saint.


I am disheartened to see the attacks on George Floyd’s character.

It seems to me to be very lazy to conflate his criminal history as it may be with what happened on the day he was killed lying face down in the street with another man’s knee on his neck.

I stand in solidarity with all people of colour and unequivocally call for an end to the oppression and brutal mistreatment that they face on a daily basis in a system that is rigged against them.


What the heck does this protesting have to do with anything about the update? Very pointless to announce a delay a day before. Just release the update.


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Let 'em work in peace and polish the patch nicely, I say. As for the BLM stuff, I’m also inclined to think it’s only part of the reason for the delay; I somehow can’t picture the protesters getting insulted by "goldarn 2K games releasing an update for their looter shooter *shakes fist* ", but A: if they want to show solidarity/signalboost/pull a public image stunt (pick your favorite based on personal cynicism level), then fine, and B: I’m only guessing anyway.

Don’t care about GBs political stance any more than I care what any other company I buy products from wants me to think. I’m able to separate the two nicely and have my own opinion. This is so blatantly self serving it’s a bit sickening. Unless the new content has themes that directly relate to the current situation and might be considered ‘insensitive’ then I fail to see the connection.

The game NEEDS urgent fixes that are weeks if not months overdue. Delay new content if needed but players are owed scaling, performance and other fixes.


I agree, they are using the current situation to mask the fact that they don’t have a patch ready. This isn’t solidarity, it’s a company trying to use the suffering of others in order to mask its own failings.

Just by looking at the posts in this section it looks like they were successful in getting people to divert attention from the fact that the game has not received a serious update in over a month and will probably continue like this for a while. I get that these are difficult times, but Gearbox should just admit that they are not able to stick to their current schedule instead of throwing smoke screens like this. Pathetic really.


I guess the timing sucked for their previous failures as there are plenty of horrifying injustices happening all over the world every day that could get them out of any work they like.

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It’s interesting they didn’t even give a date when to expect the new patch/takedown then. Could be next week, next month, next year, or never.

Great opportunity to leave the sinking ship called BL3 once and for all now.


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