Instagram post says Guardian Takedown postponed

who knows lol

Guardian Letdown?


Yeah unfortunately :frowning:

Yup total letdown. Was expecting something tomorrow but nope have to wait until next time. Some much expectancy for this patch and takedown.

As long the phase 1 stuffs aren’t affected too much like 2.0 fixes and other things. If those also delayed then I’m going to feel really really sad. I don’t mind the new Takedown being delayed. Perhaps it can come right along with DLC3 too

That’s a possibility.

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That would suck. Like three more weeks.

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wasn’t BL2 just released on Switch? How dare they! :rofl:


7 days ago that would have been the right action. Now it is all about looting, destruction and officers getting harmed or even killed. For sure i do not support that action and message. It is not about equality anymore or about george. And i will never ever support a politician that let things get out of hand that fast and for that long


I definitely dont want them to release it with rhe next dlc. If we’ve learned anything from mayhem2.0 loot the uni uh planet for a few days and the cartel its that simultaneous releases cause huge bugs and issues all at once.

But i guess itd be ok because the takedown is a new feature for the base game and the dlc is well the dlc paid for.

Still was expecting a patch. Its like u need that ice for the wound that is mayhem 2.0… That something new. To be happy about.


Yet another failure to post important news about the game TO THE OFFICIAL FORUMS OWNED AND RUN BY GEARBOX SOFTWARE. Always so puzzling.

EDIT to be clear that I don’t have a problem with the delay. I just don’t understand why I have to find out about the delay from literally anywhere else other than here.


We have to deal nearly two months with a broken game and now we have to wait even longer? This must be a Very bad joke…
Broken achievements, useless hotfixes, streamer only skins/heads (and for the people who pre-order a big fat middlefinger)…


I hate to say this but i live outside of nyc. Like i go outside n see the skyline of buildings. Yes i believe in their statement 100%. What Gbx is posting.

I also needed the new takedown for a mental escape. Ppl are getting beat up by police for crossing the street you can see it on the commute home. I desperately wanna escape into new content.

Im not even joking a dude crossed walking with his bike and i guess a officef was pissed off n started beating on him n two others joined in. This a mile from me.

That police kneeling stuff is a bad joke. Lord did i need something new to play.


I support the protests (and have attended some local ones) and am disappointed by this announcement by Gearbox. Not because I think it’s bad or inappropriate for a gaming company to make a political statement if they believe in it, but because this announcemet and delay are ultimately hollow gestures that do not help the Black Lives Matter movement.

They don’t mention George Floyd by name. They go to great lengths to avoid the phrase “police brutality,” even though that is explicitly what the current protests are about. They–or rather, their publisher, 2K Games–is donating $1M to their own charity “to help fight racial injustices and inequalities in black communities across the globe” which means…what, in real, concrete terms? The protests are about police brutality against black people living in the United States, full stop. While broad platitudes against racial inequality and injustice are well-meaning, they only dilute the pointed message the protesters want to convey. If a company can’t bring themselves to repeat the protester’s actual message, they can’t and shouldn’t claim “solidarity” with them.

I am going to give Gearbox the benefit of the doubt and assume that postponing the Takedown is a well-meaning gesture that missed the mark–and not something more self-serving.


@janejana well said. :+1:

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The police are the bodyguards of the rich. I dont speak for anyone but I’m not surprised 2k- a billion-dollar company- would make a blanket statement that doesnt point out the specific problem 🤷


That is quite interesting to read about.

Came here to check status of patch then saw the dumb political pandering excuse for delaying the patch.

When will companies learn they tend to lose more customers than gain any when they make divisive political statements?

Just concentrate on making games .


Right on point. Good job. :+1:


I’m curious and never really asked this:

You do realize Floyd was a career criminal and was in prison until 2014 for dressing up as a milkman and holding a gun to a pregnant womans belly while his buddies robbed her blind right ?

Your stance on racism aside… THIS is the man you want to honor? Really ?