Instakill the Old Sentinel

So i was playing the Sentinel mission with a friend (he needed lore challenges dor Shayne&Aurox, so i picked Reyna). At the final boss after its first healing with the 2 crystals, he jumped back near the edge of the platform. I walked up to next to him, ulted, and it pushed him down into the abyss instantly killing him :smiley: .After that the mission continued as normal, except the ending screen got stuck on a loop, had to manually quit(luckily, we still got our rewards). Is this an intended interaction or just a bug/exploit?

Reyna has always put a twist into that, it was needed before, you could get stuck forever with no Reyna.


Bethesda: Yes.

Does her Ultimate always pushes back the sentinel? I mean also in different stages of the fight. (I don’t have enough PvE experience with Reyna to know)

A couple times, actually.

I just got payback from the game.

Sentinel was on the opposite side from where you enter and was coming back after I busted the shards.
I had the bubble that follows Reyna and popped it, a mini tornado formed and spun me off the map!