Install Homeworld Classic without HW:R?

So I currently have both a gaming computer running Windows 10, and a much older non-gaming one that runs Linux. I would love to be able to install HW Classic under wine in Linux without having to install the entire Remastered version (since it won’t even run on my linux computer).

Is there any way this is possible?

No, it isn’t. You don’t have to run Remastered at all, it just needs to be downloaded to get the classics, although there has been reports that the classics bundled with Remastered are buggy and don’t play out the same as they should (they also remove the multiplayer features entirely). You could just purchase a CD copy of the original Homeworld, there’s plenty of copies on eBay (or other similar sites) available.

The classics in HW:RM are NOT the true classics. There are intrinsic parts of the game engine that have an affect on the classic game. If you have your old HW CD it should be possible to get it running on Wine. Then again if I’m not mistaken there is a linux conversion out there that you need the big files for to play, a compiling specific to run in Linux. Here you go:

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