Install HW in two devices with one license


I’ve a desktop at home that I use during the week but weekends I’m on a different location and I take my laptop. You know what I’m going to ask right? :wink: Can I install the game in both devices with one license purchased from Steam?


its on steam you can install through it onto a vm farm if you really wanted

Right. And that is a yes or a no? :blush:

Never used Steam before, old gamer :slight_smile: I do know much about VMs but lost in your answer, sorry…

oh ok going into explain it like you are 5 mode

VM is a virtual machine. a lot of large businesses do this for work stations where you have 100 computers all running on 1 computers hardware.

anyways back to steam. homeworld is tied to your account. what ever computer you log into steam with that account homeworld will be there waiting for you to download it.

Understood! So the answers is YES! Many thanks for your help.

Yes, it’s yes.

One word of caution: Steam cloud saves aren’t 100% reliable (based on my experience of other games) so I strongly recommend making your own back-ups, either on a USB stick and/or your choice of cloud storage (something like dropbox for example) just to be sure.

Anyone doing anything on a pc should do this anyway, but more so for games.

You mean specifically for Homeworld, or in general?

In general, sorry, I will edit to make that clearer. I haven’t played HW remastered yet, but this is general advice about any kind of digital data.

My games are in a portable network attached storage so if I have to be on some other place. I just carry the NAS drive with me. It takes a bit to re-configure on the other end but once set, it’s done and all I enjoy is gaming portability.

See, this person here, they’ve lost data in the past, right? Not going to happen again, though.