Installation Help

I tried installing the game today (I originally played this on Xbox 360, and since I got a PC recently, I thought why not?), and when I got to the release date checker, it gives me an error. I tried using the offline installer, but it says I don’t have access to it. I tried using the installer for Steam as well, and that didn’t work either! Please help!

Hi there, if you bought a boxed copy of Borderlands, you might have the problem that Securom won’t let you install the game.

It’s a known problem and there’s already a thread that should help you. Just try the search function and enter “securom”.

Else you can try this link: 1.7k

The other possibility is to buy Borderlands on Steam. It’s cheap and you won’t have problems with the release date Check.

The Steam tool for some reason didn’t work. I’ll have to download the game on Steam when I have the money.


Sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty activating your copy of Borderlands on Steam. We’d like to troubleshoot this with you to see if we can help get things in working order.

If you don’t mind submitting a Support Ticket to our partners at 2K via this link an Agent should be with you as soon as possible.

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