Installation non-fatal errors: C++ redistributable and DotNet framework

When installing the Beta on Windows 10, I got non-fatal installation errors for both the C++ redistributable and the DotNet framework. Both errors were related to newer versions already on my PC. I selected “OK” and continued the installation but it would be better to provide guidance to users about what to do so they don’t panic or get frustrated.

I too had installation problems (Windows 8.1) because I had newer versions installed and now about 75 of my games in Steam are cued up for updates, ranging from 10mb to 140mb.

Something is wrong with the way the game is being installed.

Yep. Let’s hope our reporting these problems will help those that come after us.

Mine issue might be coincidence, related to this:

Yikes! If that’s the problem you’re having to deal with, I feel for ya. My problem was more a nuisance; that one looks quite disruptive.