Installation Trojan

Hello; I have been playing for about 1 month with no problems. I subscribed to a few Workshop maps and all was well for a while. Now, upon opening program, my Vipre antivirus program stops the opening and tells me it protected me from "Trojan, Generic 20293650.
I deleted the program, ran my anti virus and deleted the Trojan, did a full scan-no problems, reinstalled Duke Nukem 20th Anniversary with no workshop maps and still get same Trojan message.
Runs ok if I disable my Vipre but what if it is a real virus?
Please advise, love this game.

I would strongly suggest filing an official support ticket here:

Meanwhile, the following discussion thread may or may not be helpful:

Could be a false positive - Antivirus programs often end up with those. Try using different antivirus software and see if it comes up with the same message. If it does, then it’s much more likely to be your Workshop content, as opposed to the game itself. Scan the Workshop content individually to check.